Why Not Labour?

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A Personal Analysis of the Upcoming General Election

Politics, as we all know, can sometimes be a very long game, sometimes though things can change very  quickly. As Harold Wilson (there’s another beauty) once famously said “A week is a long time in  politics” and he, if anyone, should have known.

We are all about to have the opportunity to vote in a General Election that is framed, so the major  parties would have you believe, as “The Brexit Election”, personally I think it’s about more than  that. This election is also about the elephant in the room that is mass uncontrolled and, apparently,  uncontrollable immigration. Free movement of people from within the EU is just one part of this  problem. A far greater issue is the desire of all the established UK parties, whatever they currently  say, to push ahead with an immigration programme that, if not exactly designed to do so, will see the  indigenous western cultures, including our own, consigned to the dustbin of history.

Another problem we currently face and one that is not without significance is the insanity of having  a Foreign Aid budget fixed to fluctuations in GDP. 0.7% of this country’s wealth (if it actually  really has any) is spent on aid to other countries. Consultants and Despots get rich and any stupid  moronic programme (Ethiopian Spice Girls anybody) can receive £1 million or more because some cretin  in Whitehall signs a piece of paper.

Given the above, and it’s only a flavour of what I see as some of the really major issues, the  question I and no doubt many others has to answer is who to vote for. This is a question that  wouldn’t have needed an answer as little as a week ago, I have supported (and voted for) UKIP at  every possible opportunity for a good number of years now. Without UKIP we would not have had a  referendum on our EU membership and without Nigel Farage I doubt we would have won it. That was the  long game though, Nigel’s gone, hopefully to bigger and better things for him personally but where  does that leave me and others like me?

In an effort to answer this thorny question I have put together a handy guide to the parties involved  in this General Election. I can only hope it helps to clear a few things up;

The Parties

The conservative Party;

There are currently a number of conservative MP’s sitting in the Houses of Parliament. Said  conservative MP’s are generally intelligent men and women, they believe in small government, the rule  of law and order, strong defence, good schools, marriage (the proper kind), free speech, controlled  immigration, the union of our nations and our cultural heritage. I think if we had a conservative  government we might even get the NHS sorted out. The majority of conservatives want to leave the EU  because they know it for what it is; a corrupt, seedy organisation that supports globalism and  Marxist ideologies. Unfortunately you will not be able to cast a vote for the conservative party as  although some of the aforementioned MP’s will be standing, along with one or two others like them who  hope to be elected, they will not be standing for the conservative party. I think some of these  people are a bit fed up with the ABBC.

The Tory Party;

Not to be confused with the conservative party the Tory party is Blairite Labour without the charisma  of Tony Blair, the lies of Alistair Campbell, the perversions of Peter Mandleson, the fiscal  awareness of Gordon Brown and the deep intellect of David Milliband. The Tory party says it wants a  mandate from the country to secure the best deal for Britain leaving the EU. It says it wants to  reduce immigration and it says it has the best economic policies to create a “stronger, fairer”  Britain. Personally I think that is rubbish. All the top jobs in the current Tory government are held  by pro EU people. Its manifesto will include a commitment to continuing the current level of Foreign  Aid and its policy on immigration is at best “aspirational”. The Tory party is Europhile in nature  and although it professes to care about the people of this country its actions are anything but  conducive to that. Some of the top people in the Tory Party are famous for talking bollocks and lying  quite a lot. It has done them no harm, Boris Johnson served 2 terms as Mayor of London. The Tory  party is sponsored by big business and is in thrall to the Sauds. It has been in government, in one  form or another for 7 years and has achieved little of note. The Tory party loves the ABBC.

The Liberal Democrat Party;

Not to be confused with a real political party The Lib Dems (as they are commonly known) are slightly  confused as to what they stand for outside of total integration into the European Union, unlimited  immigration and sexual deviancy. Their current leader is a man of small stature and even smaller  intellect. He loves to stand up for the underdog and vociferously hates Labour on the one hand and  UKIP on the other. A bit like David Cameron in that he is happy to call the millions that voted for  UKIP in recent elections racists and xenophobes; should he get anywhere near the seat of power you  can be certain that the current trickle of “refugees” will become a flood. Lib Dems are also  committed to raising the tax that everyone pays and spending it on grandiose schemes that will make  everyone “feel a bit better”. Lib Dems believe in freedom of speech so long as the person speaking is  saying what they want to hear. The Lib Dem flagship policy for 2017 is to end rough sleeping in the  UK. Laudable enough, they could do it too but they also agree with the 0.7% GDP for Foreign Aid. Good  Luck squaring that circle. If I had to sum up the Liberal Democrat Party I would put it like this  “they do know what they don’t want but they don’t know what they do want”. One of the really funny  things about the Lib Dems is they have the word “Democratic” in their name but they don’t accept  democracy when it doesn’t suit them and they want to be part of the most undemocratic cabal in the  world. The Lib Dems get lots of airtime on the ABBC.

The Scottish Nationalist Party;

The ScotNats are a bit like a circus pony, they are happy to perform one trick, so long as someone  else pays the bill. They are led by a big noisy fat man who hides behind a little shrill woman. They  do this to appear “modern”. If you live in Scotland and want it to become the Greece of the North  vote for the Scottish Nationalist Party; if you live in Scotland and you have a brain of any kind  vote for whomever in your constituency is likeliest to beat them. The ScotNats are nationalist,  socialist, federalist, Europhile (when it suits them) greedy and a bit confused, they are happy to  further decimate the Scottish fishing industry to stay pals with Brussels. They get lots of ABBC  airtime.

The Green Party;

The Green Party is the party of the most radical LibDems. The Greens have lots in common with Islam,  in that they want us to return to the 14th century. Most “greens” are a bit mad, some are very clever  as they know that by convincing the mad ones that the world is about to sink they can live extremely  comfortable lives, driving cars and flying around the world to “green” conventions. Their joint  leader is much loved by the ABBC.


The United Kingdom Independence Party should currently be on the crest of a political wave. Against  all the odds they stuck to their guns and forced a referendum on the UK’s position within the  European Union. Not only did they achieve the vote; they also were instrumental in the successful  outcome, thanks in large measure to their charismatic and honest leader, Nigel Farage. A General  Election, when the vote to leave is so fresh in peoples’ minds and all the indications are that if we  stand up to the EU we will be in great shape should be manna from heaven, but it isn’t. A new leader  with all the charm of a wet lettuce, an NEC desperate to go mainstream and incoherent policies,  mostly made on the hoof, all point to a disaster at the ballot box unless someone gets hold of things  pretty sharpish. Currently all we know is that UKIP wants to hold the government to account, on  Brexit, immigration and Foreign Aid. Is that enough? For me no, because they are currently courting a  section of the electorate that would never vote for them in a million years. The main stream media  likes to portray UKIP as racist, unfortunately some of its supporters are happy to help with this.  Islam of course isn’t a race of people, it’s a political ideology but hey, what do we know? UKIP gets  little air time on the ABBC.

The Labour Party;

The Labour Party is something of an enigma, some of its sitting MP’s don’t like their leader and the  leaders team doesn’t like them. With the Tories riding high in the polls and the MSM saying that  Labour is in disarray it appears, at first glance, that Labour has little or no chance to win a  General Election. Labour says it will re-nationalise the railways which are currently owned by  foreign governments and some cunt with a beard, not a bad call and the way things are it might be  worth a try.  Labour says it will build a million homes, including 500,000 for affordable rent over  the next parliament. This country needs houses. Labour says it will remove the public sector pay  freeze and put up tax for higher earners, they always say this. Labour says it will create full  employment. Some challenge but there are plenty of people currently who could do with learning what  work is all about. Labour says it will fix “our” NHS and vastly improve social care for the sick and  elderly. Who doesn’t want that to happen? Labour is committed to high levels of immigration but at  least it isn’t lying about it. Who doesn’t like a bit of honesty? Many of the people who voted to  leave the EU are, by tradition, tribal Labour voters, Labour must know this. There are at least as  many Euro sceptics in Labour as there are in all the other parties apart from UKIP and the  conservatives. UKIP will be lucky to get 2 MP’s and the conservatives aren’t standing as a party.  Labour is currently well behind in the polls, but the Tories, either too complacent or too thick to  work things out keep saying things like “strong and stable” and “mugwump”. Talk like this will get  peoples backs up.


Make of all this what you will, I don’t trust the Tories, UKIP aren’t doing what they need to do,   I’m not Scottish or mad enough to believe the earth is going to sink. I believe everything the Lib  Dems say so I hope they are completely annihilated in the election. My local MP is a bit of a  conservative (in a very safe seat) and if he was standing as such I’d vote for him in a jiffy. I like  to think that UKIP will come together in the next couple of weeks but I’m not holding my breath. If I  were a swing voter with no belief in a better future my choice would be clear. But, here’s a thought,  would 5 completely disastrous years of Labour be such a bad thing, why not Labour?

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