To Bennie, Or Not To Bennie

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Well darlings, I was overwhelmed with the upticks and I thank the Academy but most importantly there were so many comments back from GPers that raised so many other relevant points and I thought I would like to expand just a bit on those and some of the other issues that they raised.

Given the massive annual spend on welfare and NHS aftercare and all the associated benefits and allowances it is worthwhile to look at this topic more closely.

This was the original comment;

A feckless, workshy society which costs every working man and woman hundreds of pounds in taxes every year. How did we get to this?

This evening I’m talking to my new next door but one neighbour who is outside sweeping his backyard. He’s a joiner by trade, in his 30s, a big lad, maybe a beer or two overweight but nothing some gym work couldn’t sort.

I ask if he is busy so he says he can only do light work as he has heart problems and then also some issues with a knee, in his 30s but already a fully paid up member of the NHS club and he talks like a victim.

His missus it turns out had a stroke, seems fine to me but he is her paid carer and I guess he will be for as long as she lives. She’s pleasant enough but also lets you know how ill she is although I see her in the town unassisted with shopping bags and moving about like Fred Astaire albeit a few pounds heavier.
Not bad or nasty people but both now dependent on us, not the State btw but us.

We are the State, our fucking taxes pay for this but these people have somehow been scooped up and wrapped in a never ending blanket of assorted bennies, paid carers, disability allowance, a paid for Mobility car every 3 years and so on, we know the story.

Both appear to be capable of performing a full week’s work of some sort but they never will and they are not crippled or disabled in the old sense, just told by the system that they are victims and that will be taken care of.
Now multiply this family a couple of million times and then add all the migrants, refugees and others and then have a look at our welfare bill.

I know this is not the 60s but back in those days when every one worked, there was a young lad, Duncan, where we lived, borderline Downs, not horribly bright but he worked full time, that’s right, full time in a factory and he enjoyed the work and folk looked out for him and he had a wage and some self respect.
Fast forward to today, Duncan would now have an army of carers, special facilities and a fistful of bennies whilst he watched Countdown eating Dorritos.

We have fucked up big time on welfare and now have an apology industry for every single ailment, they are the ones who benefit from all this, not society and not the supposed sick and the lame, just the factory that provides these victim services, they are the winners.

Ok, so that was the post, some of the comments raised by this esteemed blog are worth looking at more closely.


True, once you make this the norm then many will choose to have some form of State funded handicap, if it is made clear funds are out there for the taking, other than self respect, what other reason would prevent you from joining the club?


This is the price for taking the King’s Shilling, it becomes harder to escape the cocoon, once you are swaddled you become passive, any ambition is gone and you have to justify your situation, you are sick and can not work.
Your lifestyle passes to your children and those in your circle so it becomes


It may not be a surprise but the teenage child of the couple in my original post has problems, she has some acronym disability that involves shouting and swearing, not Tourettes but rages of some sort.
Being a cynic, I guess her life is mapped out, a couple of kids in late teens and then a life of subsidy for all of them because of her mind state.
We used to slap kids who shouted and swore and usually they stopped, thankfully now we can give it ‘special names’ and pay for it forever, more sensible I think.
I like the continuity effect, my grandchildren will work to pay for hers, it has a comfortable, reassuring feel to it.


Why wouldn’t they be? Double the pleasure, double the fun.
Once you know how to squeeze the system you would have no reason not to walk the paved streets of gold.
Other than perhaps self respect and all that shit, but self respect never bought a 55” OLED curved 4K telly, know what I’m sayin’?


Everyone knows a family like this, not just true but sadly most of us know several families like this. It would suggest a conditioning process so we are lucky that some people here still work. They are called Poles, I think.


My comments here would, of course, be described as an attack on the helpless and the vulnerable by the left wing apologists who have made all of this possible.
Without a doubt that would be correct, I would have to get my coat fairly early on in the evening at any Islington dinner party if these comments were aired.

One of the saddest aspects for me is that it is their mindset that has created this State dependency, one that  has decimated the ambitions and aspirations of millions of people.
State benefits of any variety were created as an emergency measure, whether it is unemployment or sickness and they should only be expected to exist until the crisis has passed.
In terms of inability to work due to illness, there will be situations where people may take some time to recover and in extreme cases some may never be able to work in the accepted sense but this is a small percentage and not the vast numbers we are now seeing.

It is indisputable that some form of work is therapeutic for most people, the interaction, the sense of a job accomplished, the feeling of community and a common goal, the financial reward and the feeling of self regard, the dignity and self satisfaction of being able to provide for yourself far outweigh the buzz of a freebie or a telly paid for by the system.

You don’t see too many happy, unemployed chavs, there is little satisfaction in a job not done, perhaps why so many deface public places and generally behave like cunts.


A popular viewpoint but not always accurate, I actually felt my neighbour from the original post was not a happy or content bunny although  he wasn’t stupid either.
He had a victim mentality, he sounded defeated, he made excuses for his supposed condition, trying to justify his shortcomings. It’s in the eyes, when he speaks they look down at the ground but never at you.

Here is a guy in his 30s who has another 30 years in front of him achieving the total sum of fuck all and he knows this already, he can’t change this easily as his family are now state dependent and any change in income would be penalized so he is fucked, smothered by the benefits blanket.

I didn’t feel anything but desperately sorry for him, his life is on hold forever.
Guys like that need a handup not a handout.


In my original post I mentioned Duncan, now Duncan was never going to be on Mastermind, but in the 60s most people could get a job and Duncan worked full time in a factory in the town where I lived.
Despite his obvious disabilities he was able to work, it wasn’t a subsidised position either, we didn’t do much of that back then, actually he probably worked harder than George Osborne, but that wasn’t all of it.

At weekends he took the tickets at the local football ground, he was there in his blue and white scarf and his rattle in his pocket and no one thought it strange that this handicapped lad was doing that.
I remember when he bought a new coat and some guys took the piss a bit and asked if he had a hot date that night but no one really got upset or minded and Duncan liked the notion that he had a hot date. He bought some Old Spice the week after that.

Duncan had a full life to the best of his ability, it saddens me now when a strapping young lad has to make excuses for his inability to do nothing.


The punchline, the payoff, what is this all for?
It seems that the State, using our money, never ever forget it is our money, has decided that anyone who feels unable to work or has had a sickie can be transported to Bennieworld.

They can live in Bennieworld for ever, but now and then the State will get tough on those genuinely in wheelchairs, the totally disabled, crippled and helpless and make them jump through hoops.
In the guise of fearless political action by some hapless government underling they must describe how long it takes them to get to a toilet and heaven help them if they can do it in under 30 seconds, they are out of Bennieworld and must fill out 24 pages of forms and be evaluated by a reassessment committee.

Otherwise however the reasonably fit and healthy will continue to be neutered and made to feel victims whilst we wrap a comfort blanket around them and shred the last vestiges of self respect and hope that they have.
After all it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

That is my conclusion, it is not personal anymore it is now just a business, not based on care or welfare but merely a vehicle to keep and feed all the advisors, specialists, box tickers, care visitors, a veritable army of Ologists.
Somewhere between Duncan and my Can’t Work Neighbour all of this has evolved, slowly crept upwards like rising damp and it won’t change.

No politician will reconstruct this, they will make just make noises off stage, soundbites, tweak this or that but there will be no significant effect on anything.
It would after all be a gift for the MSM, cue people in wheelchairs with banners, and it sure as hell screws up the unemployment figures which are massaged every year by deducting all the Bennieworld citizens.

If you take away a man’s hope you take away his will to live, we are and will continue reaping this whirlwind.

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