Oiling Piss

Colliemum, Going Postal

Some typos just demand to be celebrated, so instead of looking for an appropriate title, I decided to use that one. We all know what it really stands for, and for reasons of comfort, I’d rather have oiled than boiled piss.
So without further ado, feet first, let’s get cracking.
Anyone following the newz cannot have failed to notice that the meejah are not giving up, they want the Trump scalp and that’s that.
We all know that the MSM love to play the ‘look – a squirrel’ game. They’ve now been at it for a year. Nothing else happens except the Rooshans and Trump. It’s the perfect illustration of what a certain German philosopher said two hundred years ago: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”
‘Tis a pity that the global conglomerated Left, Corbyn included, seems to have forgotten this. So we watch in disbelief how the avowed followers of said German philosopher (he’s buried at Highgate Cemetery) are playing at ‘revolution’ by literally performing demos, violence included, as if they were living in 1900s Tsarist Russia, with Cossacks just round the corner.
(Sometimes, I wish there were actual Cossacks doing what they did then …)
The really funny bit about the International MSM’s obsession with “Trump and the Russians” is that the (alleged) new Tsar, Putin, has their measure and plays those MSM like a fiddle, oiling their piss by offering the transcript of that Trump-Lavrov meeting. That just goes to show that the new Russian Tsar knows his German philosopher’s sayings better than our celebrated Corbynistas.
Of course, nobody ever in the International MSM got their knickers in a twist when the open-mic remarks by Obama, then Prez of the USA running for re-election, told the then Prez of Russia Medvedev that he’d be able to be ‘more flexible’ towards Russia after his re-election, and to please convey this to Putin … No, that would’ve been racist!
Meanwhile, actual news can be disregarded, discarded, are not worth mentioning, especially when they’re reported on that eeevil propaganda site, RT. It’s a good thing nobody speaks French, because the report in a French publication, that the French Deep State had emergency plans in case Marine Le Pen won (see here) is of course irrelevant.
The implications of such plans oil nobody’s piss.
Also meanwhile, we learn that the coalition talks in the Netherlands have broken down, but Wilders and his voters must be kept out of government by all and any means: being islamophobic is simply horrid. One wonders if the Dutch Deep State has similar plans as the French.
In our blessed country, we’re marching towards a situation which could best be described as schizophrenic. We’re said to be a secular state, we’re also (cue hollow laughter) said to be Christian country. So where is the outcry over the report that imams are being told to tell their devotees at Friday Prayers to vote for ‘islamic interests’ (see here)? Frankly that oiled my piss mightily, but not that of TPTB.
So let’s play the substitution game. Let’s substitute ‘CofE Bishops tell their flock to vote for Christian Interests’. Think the MSM would shrug and walk away? No, me neither.
Let’s substitute Le Pen for Macron in a report on what the French government would’ve done. Would the MSM sweep that under the carpet? Not likely, is it.
We’ve already seen how substituting Obama for Trump works: don’t dare to criticise him, that’s racist! Just hide it.
Here’s my advice: keep you piss well-oiled, the next few weeks will provide many occasions on an hourly basis for its use. Don’t forget to play the substitution game. And don’t forget that, so far, there are no real Cossacks round the corner. They come in a different guise nowadays, called Antifa and Hope-Hating. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy what life we still have. Once we all must attend Friday prayers, it’ll be too late.

Colliemum © H/t Coloniescross