Gmbd, Going Postal

Some people say that there does not exist Magic.
I disagree.
I have felt it
When my child was dying by choking, swallowing a burnt biscuit I rent the heavens with my ferocious shout and he was OK Once there were 2 people engaged in conversation and I spoke in my quietest voice that I had and they just froze.
Magic certainly does exist.
Mind can influence events.
Some occasions I have heard both sides of a telephone conversation from
2 rooms away.
It is true.
Why do people think that Magic exists
It is because it is shown to exist and magical practices cause events to happen.
It is a true thing.
I can say a lot about co-incidences but the main thing that you need to understand is that it is all to do with confidence.
go to a casino and think you are going to loose. you will lose go thinking you are going to win, you might well win.
Confidence is everything, knowing that you can make something happen that used to be my reason for employment because I always made it happen.
Is minor things like a bit of film production and concepts on time, making things.
Nothing really serious.
but the principal is the same the mental attitude of getting things done.
I have a serious idea about the role of aggression in creativity and probably only a fellow psychopath would understand what I say.
The downside is if you accept Magic exists you accept the existence of curses, which is a bummer.

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