How times change – The fall of Journalism

Illogical, Going Postal
Watergate Hotel

1972 and Watergate – the illicit underhand practices of a government in power thoroughly investigated by reporters Woodward and Bernstein who via an informed source given the code name ‘Deep Throat’, followed his vague clues to expose a story that brought down a President.

Fast forward nearly 45 years and an USA electorate sick to death of either the Democrat or Republican dynasty stitch-ups decide to elect a President with an alternative message. Following too many years of American ‘diplomacy’ based upon its dream of being the World’s official policeman, while interfering in the workings of any country to the detriment of that country and their own had become the norm, and their electorate’s reaction was completely understandable. Make America Great Again resonated across the land.
In many respects it mirrors too the UK reaction, “ We Want Our Country Back! to remove EU interference in the workings of Europe, though in that case scenario the electorate was opposing an un-elected EU hierarchy, wanting to simply bring back its individual sovereignty. Jobs for the boys and warmongers on the gravy train both sides of the pond was just getting us nowhere.

To Main Stream Media surprise despite reams and reams of biased pro Clinton and anti Trump propaganda using audio, print or visual tricks their message failed to gel. Glass ceiling hopes on the one hand to elect the 1st American woman to the Presidency became defeated by an alternative source revealing well known failings of the candidate’s earlier history. Concrete facts concerning Email servers, Benghazi, her husband’s past misdemeanours, the backroom undermining of a parallel candidate seeking the Democrat nomination etc etc ruined their plans. To their disgust their own revelations of locker-room language and so much more against the opposing heterosexual Republican businessman candidate fell upon deaf ears. Donald Trump became duly elected, however to suggest he is a true blue Republican Party figurehead is bending the truth a little since he garners as much hate from the Republicans in his own party as he does from the Democrats. Everybody hates the joker in the game when you felt you had a winning hand so the swamp / trough politicians and MSM suddenly decided upon a new plan to change the game

And so we arrive at today and a ploy to ignore the factual reports and attempt via deceit and innuendo to remove an elected President from office, or in the UK situation, to reverse the decision of the Brexit leaning electorate.
It all stems from the key trigger word – RUSSIA.

Reds under the bed has always been the fantasy fear of many a government or press and the undermining of Ukraine democracy via US and European interference against decades long NATO border agreement with the Russians got the ball rolling in both Europe and America. Nothing then much worse in the eyes of the press and politicians that either the UK politician Farage or the American Trump could show respect for a Russian leader who gives his all to defend his country. True Patriots are despised by all those who seek to impose a Globalist agenda .
Under the false premise that honest counter arguments from whistle-blowers opposing their plans originated from a dreamed up Russian source to excuse their abysmal showing in the democratic vote they made their plans. Every Democrat or Remain failing was explained as only having occurred through a secret Russian influence working behind the scenes and so both the failed ideas and failed politicians together with a willing MSM press would dream up the ruse about a bogeyman Putin.

Real journalism has reached its end point. With very, very few exceptions disinformation , obfuscation and general lying to print fake news has made the press and media totally distrusted. While not all internet sites can ever be regarded as truth merchants at least they can offer one the possibility to see the world from a different angle other than the one identical, negative message being parroted by all the others.

45 years !

From Deep Throat to Deep Colon.

The investigative reporters relaying the spoken facts given of yesteryear has changed to most of them being the subservient hacks of today either smearing or expelling alimentary waste around. . No individual thought involved in writing their copy – Sheep following a crook and the crooked – all shit Sherlock[s].
Perhaps it could be suggested that The Donald shouting and shooting from the hip  adds to his problems. The greatest, succinct orator he isn’t but then I was always a bit confused with Ronnie Raygun when he suggested ‘ building down’ the USA nuclear arsenal when the word reduction might have been more explicit to my limited knowledge of English. While Churchill described America and Britain as 2 countries divided by a common language it is disheartening to contemplate the extra deterioration happening today. If USA journalists cannot decipher the Donald’s simple rhetoric what chance for others listening to his words.
The crap doing the rounds these days is getting too Bigly.

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