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Earlier this week our favourite Social Justice Moron Lily posted the above tweet highlighting everything us Brexiters can look forward to being blamed for in the coming month and years. The sheer gall and hypocrisy of these bullet points has prompted me to pen my first piece on GP. Taking these points one by one:

  • Every job lost – ‘Despite Brexit’ UK unemployment is at historical lows. Okay many of these jobs are low skilled and part time but jobs are jobs. All the evidence I have seen would suggest inward investment into the UK will boom and jobless numbers will continue to fall. Compare and contrast with the tragic levels of youth unemployment in Southern Europe as a result of these countries being stuck in a currency Union that removes key monetary policy levers.
  • Every jump in inflation – inflation is a double edged sword. Inflation too low is arguably more damaging than high inflation. Most G20 countries would welcome current UK levels of inflation stuck as they are on the brink of deflation. Current UK inflation is 2.3%, 0.3% above Bank of England targets. As I understand matters the cost of importing goods from non EU countries is actually likely to fall. Watch this space.
  • Every drop in living standards – here we begin our descent down the rabbit hole. Living standards as defined by GDP, life expectancy, etc have been rising year on year since WW2 excepting the odd blip. Certainly UK living standards vary, some are doing very well, others are struggling badly to make ends meet. Living standards are intrinsically linked to employment and at this point our beloved ‘elephant in the room’ will quietly creep in ready to make loud trumpeting sounds and shit all over the carpet.
  • Every devaluation in the pound – FX is a roller coaster but the £ has risen this week DESPITE TeH EviL BRExiT.
  • Every bankruptcy – yes I can see a lot of businesses dependent until now on the Brussels Gravy Train struggling. All those poor lawyers, bureaucrats and lobbyists. My heart bleeds.
  • Every factory closure – It is awful that Boeing, Nissan, Toyota are shutting down their UK factories. Oh hang on they are actually expanding? “30 Aug 2016 – New FDI figures show the UK had a record number of inward investment projects and created second highest number of jobs ever in 2015 to 2016. … Britain has benefitted from record-breaking inward investment by foreign companies” This trend is accelerating.
  • Every NHS waiting list – Comrades the elephant looks angry about something. No doubt we have ever larger numbers of elderly in the UK requiring ever more care. However never has so much money been poured into the NHS. It is not underfunded per se, it needs re-structuring. Elephant says “The latest net migration statistics show that in the year ending September 2016, net migration to the UK was 273,000.” “Around 3.2 million people living in the UK in 2015 were citizens of another EU country. That’s about 5% of the UK population. A similar proportion were born in the rest of the EU.” Since 2000 Non EU immigration has seldom dropped below 300,000 a year. Either build more hospitals or stop allowing a million extra people into the country every 3 or 4 years you chumps.
  • Every young person stuck in a dead-end job – Dead-end jobs are part of growing up. Being in a dead-end job often motivates the young to aspire to better and move into a non dead-end job. However Labour’s reign and Terror has been compounded by the Unholy Alliance of Gammon Face and Sick Clegg and now May B May B Not. Our school leavers are faced with vicious competition from the tsunami of youth unemployed in Western Europe and more recently Eastern Europe. Hence Brexit – it ain’t rocket science.
  • Every lost trade deal with the EU – where do you even begin with this one. The UK is a net importer of EU goods and services. As is often said the Germans are not going to stop selling us cars and the French are not going to stop selling us wine. We hold the cards here Lily NOT the EU.
  • Every missed opportunity – facile crap.
  • Everything without exception – Folks the elephant has just trampled Lily into a smear on the carpet. I suspect the elephant voted for Brexit.

The shit Remoaners lied about prior to the EU vote and the incessant snowflake tears and whining are why you LOST. Grow a pair and grow up.

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