This is Ötzi (they call him )

Gotham must be destroyed, Going Postal
Bob Ötzi

Poor guy, he must have said something to the wrong person.
I always consider him to be an honourable man but perhaps he was a thieving vagabond.
No-one will ever know.
You see he had with him interesting survival items.
some weaponry, really for hunting small animals and means for fire lighting.
like an ancient Ray Mears.
but how is this relevant to me today ?
My father was locked up by the beastly Hun but he kept running away.

“all you need is a penny, a knife and a piece of string, and the penny is to decide which way to go”.
was really the only thing he told me about his escapades.

I do think I could probably survive with a knife and a piece of string.
Uncomfortably but I think I could do it.

Imagine how much easier the survival would be 10 thousand years ago.
I imagine it would be quite jolly.

Today the HMGov in its wisdom have said I cannot carry any knife with a locking blade or with a blade length above a certain size.
So that rules out my favourite handy knives.
Have you seen how strong plastic packaging is today ?
you need a chain saw to open the flimsiest plastic bag.
Or ( and somebody told me they were there ) you are cheerfully driving along the M3 and directly in front of you suddenly there is a multiple car pile up.
You jump out of the car and run to assist.
There is a woman in shock sat in her burning car, she wants to leave but her seat belt is jammed. you smash the windscreen and yell.
“Move. Move”
her hair is alight
you would like to assist by cutting through her safety belt but you can’t because the fucking government have decided that you are not trustworthy enough to carry a knife on your person.

there was a move afoot 10 years ago or something to require you to have a license before going on the water.
Can you imagine ? you cannot go on the water without permission ?

Who does the country belong to ?
Does it belong to a family of gangsters who adorn themselves with jewels and fine clothing ?
Does it belong to some religeous order who claim it in the name of some God ?
Does it belong to me ?
Obviously all of it belongs to me but I keep it in safe keeping for the generations after me

Gotham must be destroyed ©