Theresa May reveals her true colours – Tens of billions more to be wasted on Foreign Aid each year

I have no faith in the reasons May has given for calling this election and the decision to continue spunking 0.7% Gross National Income  (£12 billion in 2015) of borrowed money on countries such as India which has a space programme, or Pakistan which has a nuclear one is the final straw. Not only are large quantities of money spent on useless projects vis Ethiopian Spice Girls given £5 million and online shopping, luxury malls, five star hotels, restaurant chains and gambling not forgetting the terrorists and killers, at year end when there’s any money left they literally burn it as it cannot be carried over to the next year. Debt for the UK’s children and grandchildren so UK politicians can feel virtuous and not get criticised by that waste of oxygen Saint Bleedin’ Bob Geldof. Cuntspangles the lot of them