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The first thing to understand is that there really is such a thing as a “leftie brain”. This is based on definitive research which shows that everywhere, all around the world, lefties score low on “conscientiousness” and high on “openness” (two of the so-called “big 5” personality traits). See the following links:

Populist personalities? The Big Five Personality Traits and party choice in the 2015 UK general election
Secrets of the right-wing brain: New study proves it — conservatives see a different, hostile world
The Secret Lives of Liberals and Conservatives

The left do not experience any sensation of “social disgust” (as I have mentioned before). But they know it exists and they fear it (that’s why they hate the Daily Mail, which plugs away at social disgust 24/7). The left gain a sense of emotional pleasure – a dopamine reward system – from their ranting because it makes them feel like an intellectual knight in shining armour. You could call it “ad ipse” (to the self) because of the way the superior self is always present in their thinking. It’s like “I’m right because I’m great” and “I’m great because I’m right” all tangled up in a ball of tautological and solipsistic pseudo-logic.

We can almost name the actual brain cells that do “politics”. Conscientiousness and social disgust are driven by the Amigdala which is more developed in folks on the right, whereas the Anterior Cinglate Cortex (ACC) is more developed in lefties. It may be the part that generates a need for equality. See Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure in Young Adults

Let’s take a look at some recent research into the big 5 and what that says about the proclivities of the left. I have broken this up into a number of comment-sized chunks, just to make it easier if you want to introduce any of them into the blogs and comment sections of the left, you know, just to aid their understanding and keep them abreast of research findings.

Low conscientiousness correlates with sexual deviant behaviour and child abuse, including child sexual abuse. Low conscientiousness is a left wing trait, and it does in fact turn out that most paedophiles are left-wingers. Children cannot give proper consent to sex, because, as, children, they are programmed to respect and obey adults. The conscientiousness trait – which lefties mostly lack – mediates the instinct to protect them preferentially. The left, by contrast, label anyone – child or adult – as “vulnerable” when it suits their agenda.

The big 5 dimensional personality approach to understanding sex offenders

Low conscientiousness leads to binge drinking and an increased likelihood of taking up smoking, which leads to an overall reduction in the expected lifespan of left-wing people. It also harms unborn babies, increasing the likelihood of a deformation (though the left are more likely to abort the fetus if abnormalities are detected).

IQ and personality traits assessed in childhood as predictors of drinking and smoking behaviour in middle-aged adults: a 24-year follow-up study

High openness as well as low conscientiousness lead to marijuana abuse, as well as class A substances such as heroin and crack cocaine. Marijuana is not harmless: its negative effects on attention, memory, and learning can last for days or weeks.

The relations among personality, symptoms of alcohol and marijuana abuse, and symptoms of comorbid psychopathology: results from a community sample

Openness does not imply “niceness”. The trait for that is called Agreeableness. But agreeableness splits into two kinds: politeness and compassionateness. And the left are lower than the right on politeness. The consensus among scientists today is that human social characteristics such as social disgust evolved so that large societies can co-exist harmoniously. Politeness is a key element of that: it’s plain disgusting to see children leaning vulgar language and selfish habits from leftie adults.

Compassionate Liberals and Polite Conservatives: Associations of Agreeableness With Political Ideology and Moral Values

Low conscientiousness is linked with domestic violence, and high openness leads to having affairs. These are just two reasons the left cannot stay in their relationships. Increases in the divorce rate in the 20th century correlate with increases in liberal thinking among intellectuals. Divorce leaves people bitter and children damaged. It’s psychological child abuse.

Handbook of Individual Differences in Social Behavior

Openness, a defining leftie trait, leads to risk-taking. The nature of probability is such that eventually, something will probably go wrong. This hurts everybody who depends on the leftie risk-taker, and society in general, including disadvantaged people, for example children who now can’t have a new school uniform or decent food to eat.

Personality traits and risky decision-making in a controlled experimental task: an exploratory study

Lefties think their openness makes them superior because as a personality it has no down side. But it does (it just hasn’t been researched much until recently, probably thanks to open-minded psychology researchers wanting to protect their only positive-sounding personality characteristic from criticism). But high openness leads to dissociation, random and obscure thoughts, daydreaming and a failure to engage with other human being. These are schizo characteristics, and can be severely mal-adaptive. From the aricle: “maladaptive items … concerned dwelling upon fantasies; engaging in activities that are bizarre, deviant, or aberrant; and having ideas or beliefs that have little basis within reality”

Maladaptively High and Low Openness: The Case for Experiential Permeability


If lefties cite any Scandanavian government scientists, or try to downplay the importance of genetics and biology in the formation of personality (nurture over nature), just refer them here: Brainwash: Nature or Nurture

If anyone tries to imply their politics is chosen by themselves, based on rational thinking, point them here: The Righteous Mind

If anyone tries to argue that lefties are just “nicer, better people”, remind them that Agreeability doesnm’t correlate with leftiness, and point them here: Dr Jordan Peterson lecture disruption by protesters at McMaster University

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