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We’re ticking over at about 300,000 page views a month. It would be nice to get it to half a million because that would open other advertising opportunities. It shouldn’t be that difficult if I ever sort the blog indexing.

The blog development previously mentioned is nothing more than making changes to the blog template. The template controls the look and feel of the blog and determines how the blog looks to the Internet, how the content appears to search engines and the ranking of the various hyperlinks such as the title of a blog post or sidebar link. As for going ‘main-stream’, not really, I’m never going to be invited on the Daily Politics again and who in their right mind would want to appear on Sky or the BBC.

Over the last few weeks it has appeared to me that standards have slipped so last week seemed a good opportunity to hand out a collective bollocking. Reading the moderation page, which is not meant to be exhaustive, should give you an idea of what is expected, that’s why it’s the Moderation Philosophy and Policy page. You could all do with reading it, especially the opening paragraph. The only thing I would change is the ‘How you will be moderated’ section, currrently there just isn’t time for that type of moderation. Anyone who wants to volunteer to be a ‘Mod’ get in touch. As for images of a graphic nature, those are already covered under ‘Daytime’, which should really be ‘Work-time’. Even then if you post images with no context, no date, no location, no explanation of what the image is then don’t complain when it’s deleted.

For the future. I have always said that politics is a never ending war so man-up and keep fighting the enemy to the front of you. The EU is doomed, it’s just a question of time. As for the US I think it’s fair to conclude that Trump is not exactly living up to all of his promises but it’s early days yet. We have the local council elections soon which should be entertaining for anyone who hates Labour and the possibility of Le Pen winning in France.

I haven’t been asking for much in the way of donations/subs from you in the last few months, it’s not necessary but does help. If you enjoy the site on a regular basis then chucking us a pint or two a month doesn’t seem unreasonable but at the moment I’d much rather have pieces to publish from you. Support and Subscriptions.

To those of you who have contributed thank you for helping keep the site going.