For me everything is a fantasy

Gmbd, Going Postal

I was fascinated in the movies Jason Bourne needs to get in a room and locks are no obstacle 10 seconds he is in.
How do they do that ?
there are many instructional videos on the internet and diagrams and descriptions how a lock works.
Really it is not so simple.
I made dozens of these lock picks from ground bendy hacksaw blades and practised and I can report it is not easy.
a bump key may be your best bet.

For me everything is a fantasy.
even my own life is a fantasy of somebodyelse’s making.
I fact I have decided not to play their game anymore and see how they like that.
I have become a hermit.
fuck ’em.
when I was young (I had a keyboard where the fuckig “n ” worked” ) I was so attractive that I had a fan club of all the girls.
“did you not know that you had a fan club ?”
I would let myself into the swimming pool with the glass wall to the outside and after 2 minutes all the girls are pressing themselves against the glass.
she said to me
“you never get embarrassed, I go red all the time “
“It is because I already know what happens “
You cannot buy that confidence, really it got me everything.

People are so gullible and I include myself.
what am I doing here ?
I am saying stuff maybe a younger version of me reads it one day and it saves him some grief.

My crack whore ( who I thought I could help ) has a sugar daddy now and doesn’t need to do tricks for drugs.
This has given her confidence but it is a nasty confidence not like my beautiful confidence.

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