The Trump ban. The most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life

Kipper, Going Postal

This shit vexes me. Why the fuck are the MPs who LEECH off my pocket, who FRUSTRATE the democratic will of me and my countrymen, who do their upmost to act AGAINST the best interests of working Brits, who act in a frankly TREASONOUS manor, Why the fuck are these low lives debating whether or not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be allowed into the United Kingdom. How thick are these people? They want to deny the most powerful man on earth a state visit because he had the gall to beat Hillary Clinton in the US election. And lets not pretend like there is any other reason. Donald Trump’s only crime is winning the US election. And because the Donald beat ‘the first female president’ he is roundly hated. For no other reason than virtue signalling leftist airheads now wish to deny a HALF BRITISH US President from visiting our nation. A man who is easily the most pro British president EVER. Is being threatened with not being allowed entry to put country because he beat the wrong candidate.

But let’s look at the accusations against him. He hates women and he’s a sex offender.

If one listens to what Donald said which was “They let you grab them by the pussy” one can clearly tell consent is given.

Oh, but he’s racist!

Kipper, Going Postal

Trump has created thousands of jobs for minorities in America in America. He has minority’s on his administration.

Oh, but he hates foreigners.

Kipper, Going Postal

Oh, errrrm. Ah, but eeeerm.

Kipper, Going Postal

FUCK OFF. He is President get over it, all you are doing is making your nation a laughing stock. You bring shame SHAME! To the office you are privileged to hold. Fuck you leftists. If you don’t like it TOUGH! Donald Trump is the man the American people voted for. He is the man the American people wanted. And he is enacting promises he made in his campaign. So know that when you rail against Trump, you rail against the American people. You openly insult Trump, you openly insult the American people. You call Trump racist, you call America racist. You call Trump sexist, you call America sexist. Is this really something you want to do to our closest ally?

Dwell on your actions.

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