Gmbd, Going Postal

Does a life have value just because it exists ?
Is the life of a human more important than the life of a tiger ?
Is the life of a hamster more important than the life of a stick insect ?
If there are a hundred billion things and they are all slightly different does one of those things have more value than another ?
Is a thing useful ?
Will it do something important ?
Mostly you can answer “no”.

Is there a plan or a purpose ?
Is there a purpose from God or are we on our own here ?
Take all the people in the African continent, what is their purpose ?
Take Catholics, what is their purpose ?
Take all the Islamics, what is their purpose ?
Are they helping, providing new stuff so the actual Human Race can progress ?
You can safely answer “no”

Is evolution a correct explanation ?
If we got to be where we are because of millions of years of selection has the welfare state stopped human improvement ?
Are the “wrong” people breeding ?
Is it a good idea for defective humans to breed ?
Could there be too many people ?
Are there too many bad people ?
Is Islam populated by defective people ?
Does religion attract defective people ?

If evolution is the wrong idea how do things progress ?
Where are the human fossils ?
Does a society create the individuals it desires ?
Are there mechanisms not understood ?
Is it wrong to kill people ?
Is it wrong to kill millions of people ?

Some people seem to think that there is a plan.
That there are rules.
That everybody has rights because they are born human.
That there are Human Rights ?
Nobody is born with any rights.
Like an animal has any rights or a vegetable has any rights.
A society can endow rights if it wishes
What if society goes wrong ?

If evolution is correct Humans got to be where we are by being ruthless bastards.
Being nice to everybody just leads to disaster because the bad people will rip you off.

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