Gmbd, Going Postal

The greatest compliment I received was
“You are the only person I know that does not have a personality”

I have let things slip but that is by the by.

Sometimes you get confronted by an enthusiastic person on a mission to convert you to see the world as they see it.
I was once accosted by two american born again Christians who I was at first willing to engage in conversation but then one of them was saying that he was seeing angels dying on the cafe floor the more I expressed my disinterest in their view of reality.
And the Greenham Common women were something else.

I wondered
How do people get to be like that ?
To all adopt the same ideas about the way something should be.

I used to associate with some people concerned with selling fashionable clothing.
There were services that you could subscribe to saying what the colours were going to be for the next autumn and that sort of thing.

You can see it all about, people decide they like the same look all at once.
Why is that ?

If you live long enough you can see the same fashion come around three times.

I used to think that the cosmos was populated by dormant ideas and that as the Earth moved into a new area of space people started thinking the thoughts that were there in this new piece of the cosmos.

But now I wonder do ideas exist as entities ?

I posted this youtube observation about the fungii that infects an ant but then interferes with an ant’s mental instructions.

Gmbd, Going Postal


That is an organism getting inside another organism and making it suicide.
So many parallels.
It is like Britain being invaded by friendly looking enemies.

Could an idea be a parasite ?

I think that the physical world is only a part of what is going on.
but how can you test for anything like that ?

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