All and Everything

Gmbd, Going Postal

You have a life, you get older, things happen, you try to learn by observing what happened and more importantly your own reaction to something that happened.

If my child died would I feel sorrow ?
Is pride a sin ?
If by some random occurrence your pride says that you should kill yourself because of dishonour is  that a sensible thing ?

Is determination that “THIS IS THE WAY MY WORLD WILL BE” a sensible way to conduct your life.
Should you perhaps have no personality at all and wander along with the flow.

I have observed that if you believe in the purity of Jesus and try to emulate that thinking in your  life that good co-incidences happen, it is an observable fact.

When I was younger I was unfortunate that my own mother seemed to have been bitten by a Christian  vampire and they made me wear a frock and do the communion.
Oh! the glittering cross and the decorated altar and the well built church all there makes you think.
“There must be some reason that there is all of this but I cannot see what that might be”
I used to think about this Jesus a lot.

I thought all these people are telling me stuff that just doesn’t make sense and then one evening I  think I got a glimpse of God, a tiny, tiny part.
Was in some sort of perennial bush in a garden in South Norwood where I saw the energy and the detail  that was there in a thing.
When I hear God being politicized I do have a little chuckle to myself.
When someone says “Allah is the greatest” I have to laugh.

It is like realizations. You can tell some people the same thing over and over again but they will not  see it.
Words are not adequate to explain things.
English is extensive and there are words for everything but unless somebody has experienced a thing  then they might know the concept but not what it means.

My point is that the world is really an unknown, whoever tells you otherwise is a liar.
Whoever tells you that the rules are like this to be obeyed is a charlatan and a bad person.
The rules are in you.

I am free to think these things because I was brought up in the sensible society of the UK shortly  after the last big war and some of the kids today are definitely OK but I worry that it all might be  lost and mentality return to the stone age if the Islamics have ascendancy.

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