The Sunday Sermon with Going Postal, 5th February 2017

Going Postal

Hallelujah and happy birthday to us.

What a year. Originally started as little more than a wheeze, here we are a year later with the EU Referendum vote and the US Presidential elections behind us. A momentous year for us, a bad year for the globalists and our respective establishments, a good year for ordinary people looking to influence their lives in elections that are usually no more than lip service to democracy. Not this time, Parliament is once again sovereign, a phrase no longer a meaningless comforter, it is now enshrined in law, ironically by the law of unintended consequences. Thank you Gina Miller. In the US they are now experiencing the novel situation of having a President doing what he said he’d do. The old World Order is a dead parrot.

2017 Will see Presidential Elections in several major European countries, France, Germany and Hungary. A Federal Election in Germany and a General Election in Holland, Britain will continue the process of Brexit, assuming the European Union is still around. We will be here to cover them.

All rise

Let us pray

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name

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January versus December.

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Site Maintenance

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been fiddling with the advertising again. I took a blunt instrument to the problem. Those of you that haven’t, turning off whatever ad blocker you are using just on this site should be trivially easy. There are only a few ads in comparison to most sites and they do not affect how quickly the site loads to any appreciable degree. It is a simple way you can contribute to the site.

Now that’s sorted I’m planning a site makeover, the main aim of which is to solve our invisibility issue related to using the Blogger platform. This will necessitate the move to some other platform which I am currently investigating, whatever is done will first be tested on Going-Postal.Org to ensure that I don’t end up sending this site into an Internet black hole, the general look and feel will remain as is but with a few tweaks. Nothing is going to happen any time soon as it will take some planning, it is a non trivial exercise compared to moving from the old WordPress site.

Lastly, I hope you all continue to enjoy the site in 2017 but don’t get too wrapped up in all the nonsense going on. If it’s not fun anymore then take a break.

Happy Birthday Postaliers

Swiss French Bob