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Gmbd, Going Postal

For everybody that exists the world is a confusing place.
Nothing seems to make sense.

“How is it possible that a thing could have no end to its bigness ?
“Why if I imagine the smallest possible thing that I can still imagine dividing it in two”

These questions do not fit properly with the way our immediate sensors tell us what the world is like.

“Well perhaps there are actual things going on that we don’t have the sensing organs to feel.”

“But we have machines can sense all of the spectrum of radiation”
“We would know if we missed something “

“Perhaps something is not measurable? “
“I don’t understand that”

Some people think,
“Well the world doesn’t make sense but it is not my concern”
“My concern is my enjoyment, my success, gathering of possessions”

They abandon any attempt to understand the World.
Maybe they get good at understanding people.
But you can’t really understand people unless you at least try to understand the world.
I think so anyway.
If you don’t try you admit that there is something ( the place where youlive) and you don’t understand it ?
I can see that At any moment any person could be struck down by a killer virus.
People therefore think that they cannot control what happens to them.
That somebody else is in charge of their life.
There is a reality over them they will never understand.

In a similar way to this, our individual accepts subjugation to the state because they are primed to be subjected.

I am saying that there is an inbred inferiority that humans have because the smallest amount of thought will indicate that the world is a strange freaky place which is very difficult to comprehend and so there is the likelihood that some superior function has made it come about.

Violence really interests me.
How can somebody inflict pain on another ?
But it seems some people enjoy it.

a preoccupation that I have is I wonder just how smart can a human be.
What I used to do was find somebody that seemed to know more than me and make them an offer that I would work with them.
That way I could study them close up.
I did that 3 times.

I’m going to tell a story about a life because I really like to hear it.

A guy was a scribe type in Chinese Government and he got wind about this Buddha person and his ideas so he asked the Emperor for a passport so he could go and check out what it was about.
He must have been a very interesting, charismatic figure because the story is that as he was crossing through the Gobi desert he was captured by some travelling vagabonds. The leader would not let our guy leave because he wanted him about to have such an intellect to talk to.
Our hero escaped one night and eventually arrived in India and secured a position in a Buddhist university at Sarnath.
12 years he spent there studying the scripts of Buddha’s teaching and when he was ready loaded all the manuscripts he could get his hands on onto the backs of two elephants and made his way back to China via Ceylon where he spent the rest of his life translating the documents he had brought back and was instrumental in establishing Buddhism in China.
That is a life to be proud of.

I do wonder mulling over all this stuff if it is possible there could exist a human so smart, so understanding that they could exploit the confusion everyone has and to become a King.
Would such a person have any regard for the life of others ?

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