Coincidence, chance and fate

Wycombewanderer, Going Postal

Here in my little corner of France, we have a communal forest, it is around 200 acres and as a resident i have the right to search for mushrooms and can join La Chasse I used to go tracking with them but seeing how much pastis is quaffed at mid day I think better of it now and I don’t know enough about mushrooms to gather them without having to go to the local pharmacy and have them checked if they are edible or not (yes the pharmacist will do that for you here).

But the other thing we get is that although the forest is managed by ONF, the Office nationale des forets, they cut the huge old trees, oaks are typically 150 years old, we get to chop up the crowns and these are distributed amongst those of us who wish to take a share.

Anyway back in 2012 I was allocated a huge old beech, around 1.2m in diameter, still standing as it happened,(they only take the straight ones to sell) and off i went with chainsaw etc.

After having felled it i started to cut it into 1M lengths, after the second cut the chainsaw kicked like a mule and the bar and chain just disintegrated, changing that for my spare it did the same and was a bastard all the way through the tree was full of metal.
anyway looking around I noticed a deep hole around fifty feet from the tree filled with water and I wondered why that should be there, asking around the village it became cear that this was the site where a german plane had crashed after being shot down, I later found out that it was by a pair of Mosquitos from 418 SQN RCAF .

The tree had obviously been young in 1944 and had grown around the debris

21 MARS 1944 VERNOIS SUR MANCE(70) JUNKER 52 vers 18/19 heures, tombé au Bois de la Ferme, 8 Tués, transportait également du Café (récupéré par la population après coup ) Abattu  par  D.A MACFAYDEN et  J.D.WRIGHT et/ou 1/lt John (james) LUMA et CG FINALYSON sur Mosquitos du 418° Squadron RCAF
Source : Mr Jean Claude Grandhay  Ombres et Lumières Tome IV chez MAE-ERTI

A year or so later i bought a derelict house/barn in the neighbouring village, in the overgrown yard at the back i found the tail stabiliser of an aircraft, it is made from aluminium and the only aircraft of that era, it has been unoccupied for over a century and was used by the farmer to store old junk, that it could have come from is the Junckers shot down by our friends in the RCAF.

So that to me is coincidence.


Back in 2013 I went to the UK to bring my elderly parents over here to see the place, they were even then getting a bit dodgy for driving, as is my way I always choose the cheapest crossing and then turn up early and try to blag it for the time that I actually want to get over, this time however P and O said you’re taking the piss come back in a couple of hours, so we had a couple of hours to waste in Dover.

Parking up in the car park, I asked my parents if they wanted to go and have a look around the high street(no-one wants to have a look around the high street in Dover these days!) and they said no.

So slipping off to have a cheeky kebab, because they are even more shit here in France than they are in the UK, i went off.

When i got to the exit i saw this guy and I thought I know you and for some reason just said to him ‘Norman?, he said yes, i said Norman ………. , he said yes who are you?
I said ‘John your nephew’, I hadn’t seen him in in forty years at that time, anyway we chatted for a minute or two and he asked me how my parents were, so i said why don’t you ask them they’re in the car over there.

So that is chance


I had a small insurance claim  around seven years back and had problems with them paying out as is the norm everywhere, so i went to Vesoul the local town where they are based to have a ruckus with them.

When i left in the square i saw a drunk with a young pup bumbling along behind him, with the guy shouting “Vien ici, vien ici” at the fucker, the dog couldn’t keep up in any case he was so young, the guy went back and kicked him more than once and I thought i cant let this go and said to him do that one more time and I’ll do the same to you. Off they went whilst I watched them and then he did the same again, as I went towards him he picked up the pup by his neck and chucked him against a wall and I grabbed the dog and told the cunt that if he really wanted some violence i was quite happy to show him some..

Seven years later Pisspot, the snoring farting, stinking fucking monster is asleep on my feet as i type this, my best friend and the most perfect loyal friend you could ever wish to have, and that is fate.

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