A Dream. A Fantasy. Surely nothing like this could ever happen? Part Five

1642again, Going Postal

The Lord Protector’s government is in the sixth of its seven year term.  The world is still turning as well as changing, much has been achieved, but there have been some set-backs as was inevitable when undertaking such a wholesale transformation of almost every aspect of the UK’s national life and governance.
The Lord Protector is sanguine that his efforts are merely the start of a needed longer-term change in the people’s attitudes and behaviours, and as always such matters take longer than one would believe possible.  The greatest challenge remains unpicking the dominant liberal Left group-think which has permeated every aspect of the state and the nation as one can’t replace everybody.  All the Lord Protector can do is hope that a generational shift is underway, that the momentum will be continued by his successors, and so become irreversible.  And here resides his greatest fear – the issue of succession.  Ultimately that is a matter for the reshaped electorate, but some of those around him and outside are urging him to extend his term, but he is weary and caught in a quandary.  Much to think upon.

He reflects on the distance travelled in just under six hectic and stressful years.

  1. The fiscal and financial viability, and confidence, of the state and country have been restored.  Public expenditure reductions of over £100 billion annually were achieved within the three year target and a further £40 billion thereafter so far, with the result that the country is running a large annual fiscal surplus and both personal and business taxed taxes are falling.  State debt has fallen by half and a law has been passed to commit successor governments to eliminate the remainder within 15 years.

  3. The population’s size has been reduced by over 4 million, with over 2 million Muslims leaving and a further 250,000 a year forecast, and over 2 million other illegals and non-net-contributory foreigners departing as well, with a further 100,000 forecast to leave a per year going forward.  Half a million British expatriates have returned home, in part because some countries of the world have expelled them as a result of the Lord Protector’s policies, but have been replaced by 400,000 globalist and liberal Britons emigrating.  The population is forecast to reduce by a net 500,000 per annum for the next 20 years and then slowly taper to a net balance within a further two generations.

  5. Large quantities of surplus housing stock is on the market in certain localities, primarily Muslim dominated enclaves.  It is being Compulsory Purchased by the state at 50% of market value (now much reduced) and penal  unemplyed,and non-military national service labour is being utilised to clear and demolish for redevelopment or conversion back to agricultural or woodland.  The long-term intention is the encourage people to move back into the inner-city areas, swapping housing and industrial estates on city and town fringes so that urban sprawl can over time be ‘greened’.

  7. There is no longer any public presence for Islam and all mosques have closed.

  9. The size of the economy shrank for two years due to the government’s focus on sound fiscal and monetary policies, and to the rapid reduction in population size.  Conversely, the net tax take reduced far less.  GDP and productivity per capita grew strongly, and accelerated further as industry relocated to the UK, adopted new automation technologies with the support of low tax policies, and unemployment fell below 500,000 and continues to reduce by 50,000 per annum.  All unemployed are forced to work on public projects.

  11. Greater productivity led to higher wages and dramatic reductions in the benefit bill to the tax payer.  National Insurance and Income Tax have been merged with those earning average wage or less paying a flat 10% of their income.

  13. Changes to corporate tax and business rates, combined with a falling population solving the housing crisis and high housing costs, have led to falling private sector debt and rising long term business investment.

  15. The falling population and measures to restrict some access to the NHS has solved the NHS’ problems for a few years, giving time for investment in AI and the abolition of the single market and public sector trades unions to reduce the bureaucracy within the system, thereby saving more money over the longer term, and enabling further investment in local services such as GPs, cottage hospitals and social care.

  17. Pressure on prisons and the justice system has reduced massively and major expenditure savings are being made.

  19. The BBC is now a small depoliticised organisation merged with the World Service with two TV and one radio channel operating within the UK.  The newspapers have largely closed or gone on line, and there is far greater multiplicity of media viewpoints than six years previously.

  21. The ancestral balanced constitution with a new enhanced House of Lords composed of hereditary peers of good standing, citizens chosen by lottery, and 10% appointed expert peers is working well.  A new franchise is in place and local government elections are open to rate payers only. 

  23. Traditional education has been restored and the universities taken out of the public sector, with a dozen closing and many more reverting to technical education only.  Battles continue with hard core resistors in the ‘blob,’ but the abolition of teacher training colleges, greater ease of sacking maladjusted teachers, and the continuing implementation of education vouchers means that the ‘blob’ is dying quickly.

  25. The new voluntary militia of 500,000 open only to citizens of good standing is fully operational.  Combined with the new Border Security Force, terrorism has largely disappeared after an upsurge in the first couple of years of the new government.

  27. The rebuilding of the Armed Forces is well underway.  The professional army strength is approaching 150,000 and four combat ready divisions are complete, with a further one working up.  Two Marine expeditionary brigades are likewise ready with another in development.  Two hunter-killer submarines are being built per year and the surface escort fleet is approaching 40, with a plan to get to 60 within another five years.  A full nuclear powered USA model attack carrier in under construction from the latest US design, with a catapult system and 70 fixed wing aircraft on order.  The RAF frontline strength is approaching 350 fixed wing with another 300 on order and crews training.

  29. Foreign policy has presented a challenge.  Much of the Muslim world imposed sanctions on the UK, and did the EU.  The latter splintered rapidly as the Euro collapsed and new populist governments came to power.  Russia annexed the Donbass region and Byelorussia, but in return for western recognition pledged not to undertake further expansion in Europe.  Sweden and Germany continued their descent into anarchy as millions of the now Le Pen governed French and other countries’ Muslims moved to these two host nations.  The UK agreed to base an armoured division in both the Netherlands and Denmark, and a Marine Expeditionary Brigade in Norway, at these countries’ expense, and to place them under the UK security blanket, underpinned by the USA as well.  Military intervention in Sweden is now being openly considered and many Swedes are fleeing to Denmark and Norway.

  31. The first of the Lord Protector’s confidential foreign policy objectives – the recovery of Eire for the Crown and Union – is progressing well. The collapse of the EU and Euro, combined with the economic policies of the USA and UK, has crushed the Eire economy and bankrupted the State.  Anarchy has broken out in some areas and the IRA has supplanted the Eire government’s authority in Cork and parts of the north west.  An attempt to do so in the border counties was ended by British intervention, the Lord Protector declaring the counties of Donegal, Monaghan and Louth UK controlled security zones, and the right to examine all traffic and cargo into Eire.  British agents have penetrated the residual Irish state at the highest levels and reunion with the UK is being openly debated, with a possible Referendum within 12 months.

  33. The second of the Lord Protector’s confidential policy objectives – the ending of German hegemony in the EU – has been largely overtaken by other events, but the growing SOE continues to expand its presence across Europe.  It has therefore been replaced by a fourth, the ultimate ending of the Islamic presence in Egypt.

  35. The third of the Lord Protector’s secret foreign policy objectives – the breaking of Turkey as an Islamic power and the recovery of ancestral lands by the Greeks, Armenians, Syriac Christians, and the liberation of the Kurds, is slowly making progress.  Working with Russian, Armenian, Greek and Cypriot intelligence services, the UK is supporting anti-Turkish insurgencies, while the Economic Security Agency is undermining the Turkish economy, which is now collapsing.  Southern and Eastern Turkey are now in open disorder and European Turkey collapsing into chaos as the Greeks and Bulgarians shut the border.  With the restored Assad government and Armenia hostile to Turkey, the country is effectively isolated and external trade ended, and descending into the pre-modern era.

So the Lord Protector faces an invidious choice.  Much has been done, but there is so much to do, and he is so tired.  Does he renew his vow to the People and give them a chance to renew their covenant with him? It is his deepest ambition to see so much restored, including the British people themselves, but if there is only one thing more to achieve before retiring, it is the restoration of Ireland within a new less centrally governed Union under the Crown.

And then he woke up…

© 1642again

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