The Butterfly Effect, Part Two

Cynic, Going Postal

The military command of such of the military as remained willing to obey their commands were too burdened to do anything about this, especially as the catastrophe which eliminated the source of legitimate authority had weakened their own. Formally there had been a continuity of government plan. Some of the Washington politicians had been supposed to stay away from the State of the Union speech to constitute a kernel of government in the case of some disaster wiping out the others. If that had happened it had become irrelevant, because none had survived the nuclear catastrophe. Plenty of ambitious state governors and other politicians had demanded a quick replacement of the Federal government, usually under some scheme which would benefit he who proposed it. Consequently each was opposed by the others. Quick elections were deemed impracticable, not least because several important Democratic states were in chaos, (and their populations much reduced so it was not clear how much representation they should have) so their state politicians demanded that they should be allowed to constitute a new Federal Government – ‘that’s what Hillary would have wanted’ they claimed, but failed to convince each other, let alone Republicans. Foreign governments and financial markets were also keen to have a clear centre of authority in the USA. Thus the military command felt obliged to constitute themselves an interim government and to declare martial law in the east coast states north of Washington. The rest of the states vigorously denied that they had any problems which would justify any such action, and disputed the competence of the military command to take such action and to make itself a replacement for the Federal government. Indeed, California had the impertinence to suggest that as the largest state still in good order that adhered to the dead President’s programme, they should assume the Federal government for the remainder of her term, and that San Francisco should replace Washington as Federal capital. This idea was not well received by the other states or by the Interim Military Government.

The disappearance of Washington and its political establishment evoked horrified fascination by the rest of the world and by the surviving American media. This was quickly matched and surpassed by the horror and disgust with which the collapse of civilisation in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and adjacent areas was viewed – and it was viewed around the world, ‘live’ as it happened. It made Somalia, Rwanda, Cambodia, – previous exemplars of savagery – appear civilised, mild and sane by comparison. These were the areas of America best known and loved by the liberal media and bureaucratic and political establishments of the western world. They were mortified by the speed and extent with which all traces of decency had been sloughed off by the people they had idolised.

Nor could their usual recourse of ignoring and then denying anything which ran counter to their ‘narrative’ of lying propaganda be effective in this case, because the interest of the world was so great and the number of competing sources of information so large, that it could not be ignored or denied. Day by day, night by night, the world and the rest of America watched as their worst post-Apocalyptic nightmare fantasies were realised in blood-spattered technicolor on their screens. Drone borne cameras and microphones were cheap and plentiful. The state and military authorities were not able to prevent their deployment in enormous numbers. Not even the most liberal application of liberal lies, cover-ups and distortions could conceal the truth shrilly shouted by their opponents in the alternative media, that the lead and greatest part in these gruesome atrocities were taken by the blacks, illegal immigrants, social justice warriors, Muslims, feminists and degenerates who had been lionised by the liberal establishment and their lickspittle media and politicians.

At first it had been those who were dying of radiation poisoning, or who expected to do so, who had started the riots, murders, thefts, rapes, drunken destruction and arson. Soon this behaviour spread as the police fled and social and civil order collapsed. Armed blacks were always eager to go on a rampage. Now they had nothing to fear, and quickly took the chance to hunt and torture, rape, loot, enslave and kill all the whites they could reach after breaking into liquor stores and supermarkets. Not that they treated each other or decent blacks much better. Publicity soon spread this behaviour to other big cities and areas infested by blacks far from the east coast radiation plume. Generations of liberal programming had their predictable effect. What the liberals were this time not able to subvert was the natural outrage of the rest of the country and the repugnance of the rest of the world. This time the rioters got their just desserts in the more civilised parts of America and many of their sympathisers and enablers were then hunted down and slaughtered to prevent a recrudescence of such outrages. Martial law has its uses, whether declared by a state governor or an Interim Military Government.

Reflex calls for emergency aid and international assistance were issued by the usual suspects. Soon their irrelevance was revealed. The problems might be solved by hot lead but certainly they were not ameliorated by soft soap and bottled water. Films of naive aiders being tortured and slaughtered by those they intended to help quickly spread around the world and helped to awake world and American opinion to the true nature of the problem. Demands began to be received by the IMG that they should deal briskly with the east coast. Better controlled applications of atomic weapons, poison gas or death rays from space were seriously suggested. By this time the rest of the country was out of sympathy for the east coast. They were adjusting to life without Washington and New York on their backs, in their ears and on their cases, and discovering that they liked it. State politicians and bureaucracies were swelling with new found pride and self-importance, eagerly taking up as much as they could of the power and prestige that had been purloined by Washington. States Rights were of new found relevance, and were ridden for all they were worth, with frequent references to the original intent of the Constitution to limit the powers of the Federal government, and suddenly bold declarations that the rights of the states had been usurped by tyrannical liberals and Democrats. States busied themselves denying and excluding most Federal legislation and bureaucracies and programmes. This was encouraged because it was entangled with the basic question of who had the right, and importantly now – the ability- to levy and collect taxation.

This was a further and fundamental difficulty for the IMG. It had little ability to raise revenue and huge payrolls and other expenditure to meet. Raising revenue depends on the presence or imminent prospect of armed men to enforce compliance. In modern times their reach had been vastly extended by a huge and intrusive set of bureaucracies – but the greatest and most intrusive of these bureaucracies had been decapitated and most of the states were not willing to see them reconstituted at their expense. The states indeed employed their own armed forces, less heavily equipped than the Federal military, but better suited to revenue collection and riot suppression than were those riding the marvels of hugely expensive modern technology.

Just as those who claimed authority needed armed force to impose their will, however thick the fog of demagoguery obscuring that basic political fact, and needed to be able to pay them; so the armed men needed employers with some semblance of legitimacy who could pay them, if they were not to become mere bandits working on their own account, probably with a short life expectation. This was awkward for the IMG and those who wished to be paid by them. It resulted in a rapid dwindling of their initial political and military capital as more and more had to be ceded to the states, and as their personnel increasingly followed the loyalty of their stomachs and accepted such employment as they could get from whichever state or company could feed them. Soon the mighty engines of the US military were mostly consigned to junk heaps or sold abroad. The authority of the IMG become ever more nominal. Foreign governments scented this decay and transfer of power and authority to the states, which they started to treat almost as independent countries; a process which the egos of the state politicians and their rivalries with their neighbours encouraged.

This process of constitutional breakdown and re-organisation might be seen in terms of our butterfly metaphor as the equivalent of the caterpillar’s change into a chrysalis, but would a beautiful butterfly emerge from it?

We left the story without resolving the question of how had the atomic explosions been caused. The normal procedures for the movement and arming of atomic weapons were very stringent, so it was particularly puzzling that not one but several had been detonated without authority. This and the location of the explosions suggested systematic subversion of normal safety procedures and hostile intent, perhaps by quite a large number of people. Military counter intelligence was frantic to discover any plots by the KKK, the Alt Right or any other Democratic bogeymen, until dissuaded by the IMG pointing out their complete failure to discover any plausible plots and by a lack of obvious beneficiaries “unless you’re accusing us of course, Ha! Ha! Thought not.” Also by the elimination of the previous political class, the dire emergencies of the current situation, and the consequent need to “get with the new program, Colonel”.

As the IMG reduced the defence readiness level, calmed the fears of foreign governments, and returned units to their previous positions, a couple of mysteries were resolved. One was the identification of the bombs and the planes carrying them. The other was why they had been flying over Washington in normally restricted airspace at that time. That was simply because of Hillary’s ego, she had overridden the normal procedure and ordered a flight over the Capitol at that time as part of the deployment to attack positions, just to be able to generate applause at that point in her speech. That was characteristic of her hubris and consistent with her previous career of refusal to abide by security procedures for handling classified information and work related emails, and generally in misusing her office to advance her personal interests. So far indeed, so predictable. Had some persons unknown who had known this not very well guarded information, been able to exploit access to nuclear weapons to cause such well targeted destruction, a classic Decapitation Strike? If the IMG had suspicions in that direction they were not shared with the public.

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