Round and round we go (Postscript)

Gmbd, Going Postal

Everybody likes butterflies. People kill them and put them in glass cages because they look so pretty.
The life cycle is quite amazing it is like 2 creatures sharing the same life.

I heard this thing ( one of the things that has stayed with me ), I don’t care if it is true or not.
Some dastardly scientists subjected various organisms to different environments and some bacteria or something actually ( this is the important bit ), changed it’s metabolism to exist in the new environment.
That is the same creature CHANGED it’s biology to continue to exist.

And was there any indication how this happened ?
Well, apparently these mad scientists tortured the poor simple organism so that it was extremely stressed and it was when it was very stressed ( but still alive ) that it was able to change it’s actual biology.

That is what I meant when I said that, “Look, all the inventions happen in war time “
It is because when the individual is under extreme stress then it solves new problems for necessity .

Then there is the myth of a mother whose baby became stuck under her car and the mother LIFTED the car off the baby.

I wonder if under extreme stress a human could grow wings ?

A country is like a person I think, what would a country do if it was under extreme stress ?

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Round and round we go