What would have happened if Hillary had won?

Truthsayer, Going Postal

This evening – 2nd December – my son (attending primary school) posed me with this question after we watched “the  best Trump video ever” on Youtube together, his interest piqued once more in the whole affair following the Ohio  rally.

It was a really good question, and having to answer quickly and simply to a child put it somewhat into perspective.

My answer was that the Democrats and the whole crooked leadership of the West has been stirring up trouble with  Russia for some time, and they would have picked a war with her and it would have been a terrible thing. We would  have been sucked into it. In Europe we would have run into big trouble, with massive casualties, as invading  Russia is a serious undertaking; eventually I would have been called up to replace the losses. He knows about the  Somme so I used that as an example of the loss of life.

The parallels with the Grande Armée, Japan in 1939, and Barbarossa in 1941 are not good omens. From memory the  Axis suffered a million casualties in the first six months, and I wonder if the NWO would have the guts for it,  but then they seem to have the guts to impose endless atrocities on their domestic populations. For them the end  justifies the means.

It also made me wonder why they hate Russia so much. Possibly because, in the eyes of the racist Left, it is  hideously white. However, it is probably for the fact that it is a sovereign state that operates firmly in its  own interest. Such spirit runs contrary to the teachings of the modern progressive testament that edifies open  borders and subjugation to globalisation.

For a child, seeing parents animated about world events, watching videos of rallies and so forth, it must seem as  if the world is in chaos, but one where the good guys are on the front foot. There was nothing like this in my  childhood. 2016 is looking more like 1848 with each passing day. Revolution seethes, except this time round it  has the feel of 1688.

What is really amazing is how the revolution has unfolded. It all began in an island state caught between an  ocean and a large continent. Not Britain: the Philippines. They had corruption alright, lots of it – makes our  Lady Fourbellies look like Alice in Wonderland.

And they voted for change – and the progressives (the stooges of the NWO) fought them every inch of the way. And  the non-establishment guy won: Rodrigo Duterte, the ‘Trump of the East’. Cue interference from the UN and USA:  you can’t do this, you can’t do that…. Duterte did it anyway and called Barry a bad name in the process. Barry  let them down big time in 2012, letting China militarise their sea territory.

Then in June we gave the Establishment a long overdue beating here in Britain, one which had been coming for a  while. Five months later and along comes the Trump victory, really serving it up to the Elites.

You see the thing is that there is a link here: the Philippines is a former US colony, and the US is a former  British colony. All three nations have given the bird to the NWO in the same year.

I am hoping that the revolution spreads now: next up is Italy. Then Austria. Imagine what the EU map will look  like if they both pulled out of the EU. It is just as well the EU flag only has 12 stars when there are 27  members.

And imagine how much more snowflake crying there is going to be. Next week could be real fun!

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