The Truth About Post Truth

Kipper, Going Postal

We live in a post truth world.

This year Post Truth has been named the Oxford English dictionaries’ word of the year. Despite it  being two words. In our world National socialists (Nazis) are labelled far right. Anyone the left  does not approve of is labelled a Nazi. And therefore ‘Far Right’. Despite Nazis being socialists and  by definition ‘Left Wing’. In our post truth world everyone who isn’t a leftist is a right wing Nazi.  People who judge others on the basis of their skin colour are not racist. People who judge others on  their gender are not sexist. The Labour party actively going out of their way to choose candidates on  the basis of their gender, but aren’t sexist. Feminists call for the death of all men, but aren’t  sexist. Yet people who try to treat people equally and not judge people on their gender are sexist.  We live in a world where feminists want to be treated equally by men yet when men do treat them as  they would treat men they flip shit. We live in a world where equality means different rules for different people. Where equal rights means certain rights for some but not for others.

In this world of ours politicians who speak the truth are called liars and labelled post truth  politicians. Whereas politicians who lie are held up as heroes of Political correctness. Or is it  censorship? I can never tell the difference. In our universe Donald Trump. The democratically elected  President of the United States of America is a fascist. Donald Trump, farther of a Jewish daughter is  an anti-Semite. Donald Trump the businessman who has done more for minorities that any other is a  racist. Milo Yiannopolous, need I say more? Yet the very leftists that call Trump all these evil  things are willing to suck off the legacy of Fidel ‘Not Justin’s Dad’ Castro. Fidel was a rampant  homophobe. He described homosexuality as “The upmost decadent act” and as being “Incompatible with  communism”. Seems like a nice chap. “Oooooh, but Cuba has free healthcare” Yes free. But describing  it as healthcare is. Well. Fundamentally incorrect.

In this world
Trump = Bad
Castro = Good
Anti-corruption policy from Trump = Bad
Death camps and state sanctioned torture form Dictator Castro = Good

It’s a strange one isn’t it? The leftists have taken control of the narrative to such an extent that  they truly believe they are not the ones the term ‘Post Truth’ was created for. It is the very people  screaming post truth that are the post truther’s. Now time for a succinct rundown of a select few  post truth politicians. Of course if you are a white bloke, regardless of what you think or believe,  you are a racist, sexist, homophobe and every other ‘ist’ or ‘ophobe’ under the sun. Despite the fact  the deputy leader of my party is gay. But hey. Fuck facts right

‘This closet is quite Dim’ Tim Farron:

Kipper, Going Postal

Well this one is really not hard. Closet homo Tim is the leader of the Liberal Democrats. A party  which is neither Liberal nor Democratic. This is a party which roundly refuses to accept the  democratic will of the British people to leave the European Union. Bum boy Tim and his party want a  second referendum. So that once again they can campaign for us to stay in a bureaucratic super state.  Headed by unelected commissioners. This man calls himself a Liberal Democrat. He is nether. He is an  Illiberal Anti-Democrat. He is a post truth politician.

Nick ‘Nigel, that’s a dangerous lie’ Clegg:

Kipper, Going Postal

Oh dear. Talk about failures. Nick Clegg is the only human being I am aware of to have attempted to  both ‘barrage the Farage’ and ‘stump the Trump’ at once while he was on post truth political ‘satire’  show Have I Got ‘News’ For You. Undoubtedly he failed spectacularly. Nick has the audacity to call  the man who is President Elect of the United States of America. A ‘post truth moron’. This is a man  who lost the Lib Dems 10 MEP’s in 2014 and 49 MP’s in 2015. And this fella is going to call Donald  Trump, The man who won the most powerful office on the planet earth, a moron. Yeah, that makes  perfect sense doesn’t it Nick. You post truth moron.



Nuff said.

David ‘Mastermind’ Lammy:


Kipper, Going Postal


This man is actually an MP.
*Gives up*

Diane ‘The problem with Britain is white people’ Abbot:

Kipper, Going Postal

*Sees off 5 shots of vodka*
Well. Let’s look at what white people have actually done. Banned slavery, gave women the vote,  civilised our own nation. Went forth into the world and civilized many other countries. Have you ever  heard of the USA, Canada, India, Oz, NZ to name but a few? The problem with Britain is not white  people. Its people who do not want to be British. And cunts like you slagging of the majority of  people in the UK. Fucking liar.

I think I’m going to end it there. I don’t think I’ll be able to do anymore and avoid swallowing a  bullet.

Fundamentally the term post truth has been brought in to supress truth. It is a new buzzword brought  about by leftists for leftists to use when they run out of arguments. When you hear post truth, just  like Hitler or Jo Cox. Marks the end of an argument because it marks the end of rational discourse  and the start of name calling, table thumping and inward thinking bollocks.

P.S. Yeah! That’s right critics. I can write a serious article you cunts. My feeble 20 year old brain  can muster up some proper thoughts. Wankstains.

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