The Guardian – Purveyor of Fake News

Monday someone posted up a tweet from a Mr Doug Farquhar, I’m sure some of you do it just to wind me up. Mr Farquhar tweeted that:

I assumed that this was a new story and replied to the effect that the Guardian had published the same story ten years ago and received the following reply:

Having a reasonably good memory I searched that denizen of ‘fake news’ and hereticism WUWT and low and behold:

Even the Guardian doesn’t accept the Syrian War / Climate Link

Which links to this article in the Guardian written in 2015 written by Jan Selby and Mike Hulme

Moreover, whatever the level of prewar internal migration within Syria, it is misleading to pin this mainly on drought. Syria’s cities were growing throughout the 2000s, thanks to economic liberalisation. And most of the “drought migration” occurred in 2009, after the overnight cancellation of subsidies on diesel and fertilisers. According to one researcher, Francesa De Châtel, these subsidy cuts were for many farmers “a greater burden than the [three] successive years of drought”.

Most important of all, the Columbia authors present no serious evidence whatsoever that Syria’s “drought migrants” helped spark the civil war. The basis for their claims is twofold: testimony from a single Syrian farmer; and a more general, un-evidenced assertion that the presence of migrants exacerbated urban stresses. They offer no evidence that any of the early unrest was directed against these migrants – which one would surely expect if they were indeed a cause of social stresses. And this, to put it bluntly, is because there is no such evidence.

Here we are eleven years later and people are still posting tweets using this fake news story as fact, since debunked in the very same newspaper. Of course it was widely reported in the media ie that other fake news outlet the BBC which has upped the ante to 200 million reporting Chris Bryant’s lies in a speech to the Institute for Public Policy.

I did let Mr Farquhar know but he seems to have lost interest.

Swiss French Bob