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Coloniescross, Going Postal
Berlin Christmas market truck attack


Look, I know it’s nearly Christmas and we should all be full of good cheer and the spirit of the season,  apart from the bah humbug contingent (we know who you are) but late last week a piece of news, almost  totally ignored by the MSM, shocked me more than I thought I could be shocked.

We are all used to the almost never ending “fake news” stories, filling our papers and television screens,  concerning the 100’s of 1,000’s of children either starving to death in Aleppo or getting their brains  beaten out against the ruined walls of temples by insane Russian militiamen.

We continue to be assailed by the ABBC news readers and commentators continually briefing us about the brave  “rebels” and their continuing game of “dodge the barrel bomb” or “avoid the chlorine cloud”.

Whenever we hear about any of the above, or about a murder carried out on our streets by a Muslim fanatic,  or about a young person that has gone to join ISIL we are constantly reminded that we needn’t worry.  It’s a  civil war, a Norwegian lone wolf act, a covert radicalisation and as such has nothing to do with events or  actions taking place in Britain.
What is mostly intimated though, either directly or subliminally, is that Islam is a Religion of Peace. We  are continually told that the VAST majority of Muslims in Britain only want to get on with their lives and  that young Muslims only follow the more “radical” arms of Islam because they have been “radicalised” by  sinister forces using the internet. We are told that organised Islam, at least in the UK, is committed to  harmonious integration.

So what if that means a bit of Sharia law here and another “super” mosque there? So  what if it means the  ghettoisation  of parts of London, Slough, Luton, Bradford, Preston and other towns and cities in the UK?  Muslims like to live in communities where they can feel safe from the fear of being “looked at funny” by the  kuffar and are surrounded by like minds.

So we go along with it, we chunter and, if we are lucky enough, we get to live in parts of the country as  yet unaffected by this concerning but supposedly benign invasion. A state of affairs brought about firstly  by the Bliar/Brown/Mandleson open door policy and now exacerbated by the alarming rise in the birth rate  amongst people that will never share our values or our love for our country.

Coloniescross, Going Postal

The News

The story which I heard, probably more by luck than judgment, was broadcast near the end of an hourly news  bulletin on Radio 4. I have watched and listened to several news bulletins since I heard it and there has,  to my knowledge, been no mention of it. On either Thursday or Friday of last week 5 women were on their way  to work at Kabul airport, where they were employed as security guards charged with searching women  passengers. These 5 women, along with their driver, were ambushed and shot to death.

The cynical amongst us, and I am normally one, would say so what, these are Muslims doing what Muslims do,  killing people for whatever warped reasoning springs to mind on any given day, but there is far more to it  than that. I have no doubt that in Afghanistan a large number of its people, particularly the females, would  like to live simple ordered lives. Lives free from corrupt government, petty tribal conflict which can (and  often does) escalate to full blown armed feuding and lives free from an ideology mired in the middle ages  that treats women as nothing more than chattels.

At the end of the piece I fully expected the news reader to close with “The Taliban has claimed  responsibility” at which point I would have shaken my head, thinking “primitive murdering bastards, I hope  they rot” and got on with my day. I was driving to meetings, it was foggy and I needed to concentrate. That  wasn’t it though, what the newsreader actually said was “No one has claimed responsibility, it MIGHT have  been the Taliban but it is possible that it could have been a member of the women’s’ own community”.

That’s what shocked me, in the UK we expect women 9rightly or wrongly) to work and take a full and active  part in the day to day world. We expect women to hold positions of power and we even expect certain women to  continually bang on about “equality and fairness” when it is plain for all to see that women, generally, are  at least as equal as men in civilised Western society.

That this isn’t the case in certain parts of the world and that this can lead to cold blooded murder,  possibly carried out by a family member is a terrible and damning indictment.  Not so much on the West,  although we are partly to blame for tolerating it, but on the ideology that allows it to happen unchecked.  The public face of Islam and its many Western supporters continues to insist that it is simply a religion  with its own quaint cultures. But while they are saying this young women are being murdered simply for  having the audacity to take a job outside the home.

What does this Mean?

Again, we might say, “So what, this happened on the other side of the world in a country where we expect  things like this to happen, thank the lord it isn’t happening here” and simply get on with our lives. This I  believe is where we make a very big and potentially costly mistake.  The reason it could be a terrible  mistake is the rise of the cult of Deobandi Islamism in the UK. The Deobandi are now amongst the most  powerful of Islamic sects in the UK, they are Sunni, revivalist in outlook, they despise Western values and  they are the most repressive of the sects in the UK when it comes to their treatment of women.

The majority of mosques and maddrassar in the UK are controlled by Deobandi, possibly giving the lie to  theories about “on line radicalisation”. The beliefs of many Afghani men and the ethos of the Taliban is  based on Deobandi teaching and Hanafi law. This “teaching” forbids the mixing of Muslims with kuffar on any  level as by doing so one can become “contaminated” beyond any redemption. This same warped view, in my  opinion, is what could have led to the murders mentioned above.

Deobandi followers will not allow their children to see fireworks, to listen to music or to interact any  more than is absolutely necessary with others that aren’t Deobandi.  Deobandi women are forbidden from  talking to men from outside their own families and can be accused of adultery simply for looking into the  eyes of a man that isn’t their husband. These women are expected to work only in the house, to be modest in  behaviour and dress (this means the full outfit, including gloves) and may well be forbidden from learning  to read and write, although I don’t know this to be true. These women, many of them living in cities and  towns in Britain, are potentially at risk, should they decide to leave this sect, of the same fate the  Afghani women in the news story.

It might be worth noting here that the madman who murdered an Ahmadi Muslim simply because he wished his  kuffar customers a happy Easter was a Deobandi zealot.

It is clear to me that although we are continually being told that the terrible crimes being perpetrated  throughout the world in the name of Allah are nothing to do with “real” Islam we are not being told the  truth. Whether we are being wilfully lied to, or we are being denied the truth because of politically  correct constructs, as was the case in Rotherham is of little consequence. At its core Islam is wrong, it  preaches division and intolerance. It exhorts its followers to kill in its god’s name and at its basest it  denies women and girls the right to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

It is rather telling that, on the same weekend that we learn a little bit more about the terrible  consequences of allowing religious fanaticism to hold sway in our country that the good old C of E may be  going to allow “gay” priests to physically consummate their relationships. Islam continues its slow  inexorable march to world dominance whilst Christianity disappears up its own prolapsed rectum.

Merry Christmas Folks!

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