I’m not Paying for a Ghost Story, Part One

As we approach the Festive Season, I always like to have a traditional Ghost Story. But, being  tight and  miserable, I will not pay for a film, so please feel free to use these links to watch some hidden Gems on  the Net. We all need a bit of Horror in our lives.

Paper House – 1988

A 1988 British dark fantasy film directed by Bernard Rose. It was based on the novel Marianne Dreams by  Catherine Storr. Gave me the willies as a child, especially the Father with the Hammer.

Chthlu – 2007

The best adaptaion of H.P Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu. Yes the lead is gay, but there is a very  specific reason why he was given that sexuality. Really is worth watching.

Martin – 1978

Described by George Romero as the greatest film he ever made. Is he a Vampire who is so piss poor he has to  sedate his victims first, or just a Mental?

Akira – 1988

The Daddy of Japanese animation. Everything else is a rip off from this film. If you don’t watch it, Santa
will murder fuck you.

Let the Right One In – 2008

Best Vampire film ever, if you don’t like the bullies scene, you don’t deserve to live.


DJ Med Jumper