Definitely forward to the past!

Colliemum, Going Postal

I’ve been pondering the strange phenomenon which our political landscape now provides, after the  campaigns of the last couple of years – both here in the UK ( 2014: EU elections, 2015: general  elections, 2016: Assembly elections) and the USA (2016: presidential election).
Superficially, it’s all so very modern: online voting, candidates’ videos on the internet,  candidates’ websites, facebook pages and twitter accounts.
A slightly deeper look shows that people still attend hustings, that there are still activists  traipsing up and down streets to leaflet and canvass, and that generally people still have to vote in  some physical form, either through postal votes or in person.
This year there’s the new phenomenon that the losers of an election take to the streets protesting  that loss, with protests becoming violent in the USA, The more powerful try to scupper the popular  vote by Court Actions or calls for ‘recounts’.
We’ve observed how those who protest the most are amazingly those who in the majority didn’t even  bother to vote. Also, dissatisfaction with absentee voting has crossed the ocean: postal votes have  now become synonymous with voter fraud.
Finally, the role played by the MSM in steering the electorate to their preferred outcome has reached  its peak in the 2016 Presidential elections, where it is now irrefutable that the MSM were so  blatantly biased that they’ve lost their reputation on both sides of the Atlantic. The ‘apologies’  from some of the chief editors and TV presenters over there showed to all that they knew very well  what they were doing but only regretted that they got it so wrong. Over here, in their arrogance, our  MSM still don’t see that anything is wrong with the way they ‘present’ news.

Looking even deeper, there’s an extraordinary similarity between the attitude displayed by  establishment politicians and establishment MSM today with the attitude prevailing in Great Britain  150 or so years ago.
Today we again have a ‘permanent elite’ who knows best and who openly or secretly disdains the  people, the masses, the ‘mob’.
Then, universal suffrage was not yet in place, and it was easy for the establishment to disregard the  needs and grievances of those they deemed unworthy: the poor, the industrial workers, the women. The  Trade Union movement, the Suffragettes, and WWI finally led to universal suffrage.
Today, the establishment has moved on. It is now global, and to them apparently ‘universal suffrage’  means anybody should be able to vote wherever they are – citizenship of one country is soo last week  …

Just as in the olden days when those with lots of money were able to buy votes in rotten boroughs,  just as in the olden when days parliamentary seats were in the ‘gift’ of local aristocrats, today we  have globalists spending unheard-of amounts of money on pushing their candidates through, crushing  any opponents who have to rely on old-fashioned, face-to-face electioneering. We have the ‘new  aristocracy’ placing candidates whose only merit is that they are the sons or daughters of a party  ‘elite’, while keeping ‘safe seats’ in the hands of those who toe the party line for several  parliamentary election cycles.

At a time when more people have and take the opportunity to inform themselves independently, today’s  establishment despises and denigrates the people in a worse fashion than their predecessors ever did.
At a time when it is possible to investigate and inform people of nefarious, underhand political  dealings, the press, the former champions of free thought and criticism of the establishment, are  making common cause with just that lot.

Those whose political ancestors despised and pilloried the buying of votes and candidates are now  raking in money for themselves – only nowadays it comes not so much from single people but from  global organisations, banks, industries, NGOs, and a certain billionaire whose name is only mentioned  on alternative news sites.

Yes, we’re going forward into the past, with big steps – but so far, we haven’t really taken notice.

We’re going forward into the past with well-paid groups now ‘performing’ what is depicted as   ‘popular protest’, copying the protests of those with real grievances who did not have the vote and  weren’t heard, like those at the beginning of the last century. Today’s ‘protesters’ are not facing  troops of cossacks or militia – they only face a police whose hands are tied behind their back by  legislation. It’s easy to smash up property today, isn’t it, under such gentle circumstances, with  the MSM on your side!
Today’s fake grievances lead to well-organised protests paid for by
those who have only one interest: to keep the bandwagon of globalisation rolling while keeping their  own involvement secret, while keeping their actual political interests secret.
Have you noticed, btw, how only the opponents of globalisation are derogatorily called ‘populists’  while the fabricated protests are always righteous uprisings by concerned people? That gives their  game away.

We’re well on the way of giving up that which our ancestors fought for: that we the people are heard  and represented by candidates of our choice.
But it’s not too late!
We simply will no longer allow the elites in politics and media to take our voices away, we will no  longer allow ourselves be dumbed down by their ‘fake news’, their lists of “Ten best/worst whatevah  …”, their fake outrages, their fake offense-taking, their fake ‘celebs’.
We’re now using alt-media and alt-news-sites, we’re better informed than that lot, and in the not- so-distant future we’ll show them that they can label us any way they like, but that messing with us  is no longer an option.
Since we’re going forward to the past, we’ll happily make use of those ancient instruments for  showing our intense displeasure: pitchforks, lamp-posts, ropes, axes … and we remember that we have  the right to bear arms. That lot from across the Channel sang “aux armes, citoyens” and “ça ira – les  aristos a la lanterne” … forward to the past, brothers and sisters!

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