The state of things as they actually exist

Gmbd, Going Postal

I like this site it is like old farts telling what happened to them and some young farts too.

I’ve known several guys that were a lot brighter than me.
One remembered every fact that he had ever read or being told and could understand complicated stuff.
But I’m not sure he knew what to do with it.

Another guy, I have mentioned, had an extraordinary understanding of the methods, means of, reason for communication but he couldn’t draw for toffee.

I think all of them would think,
“What the fuck is going on ? “
“What is this reality ? “

For me everything is a question.
I have never accepted the reality.

I was once in a car accident, it was not my fault.
I turned to my wife because I suddenly understood that the evil that has chased the two of us through thousands of years had managed to get through because for a moment I dropped my guard against it and that I had fucked up again in this life also.

There there was an understanding that the reality we experience is a reflecting mirror of another timeless struggle between the good guys and the bad guys.

I sometimes glimpse this reality in people, whether somebody is going to be a safe person or a disaster and sometimes I know they are important but I confuse why.

I have had a poltergeist as I said.
I know that the reality is not what it seems.
There is a Spirit world.
there are demons
the (D)evil exists.
and also Jesus exists.

Actions that you do now reverberate.
through time that exists everywhere all at once

What we need to do is find a way to break free.
Do you think consciousness is a biological illusion ?
This is the progress that needs to be made.

Then we might explore the universe.

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