The Politics of Hatred and Division

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I wrote a post which appeared on Kippers last article and I offer no apology for reprising it here because it got me thinking about how certain political and ideological systems can only thrive by creating specific hate figures. One of the things that has struck me is the ability of the “so called” right to hate (if hate is the right word) once they have looked deeply at the evidence for said “hatred” and decided, based on assumption that there are reasonable grounds. I personally don’t define this as hate but when people want to destroy the natural order of things, either because of a political or religious ideology then they need to be challenged. When the same people attack those challenging their ideas with vitriol and prescriptive terminology this will generate a reply. Here the comparison ends because the Left has a history of choosing a demographic or an idea to hate and then focussing on that one thing in an effort to divide and, ultimately rule.  The results of this hatred are, to my knowledge anyway always catastrophic.

This is the piece, with some additions

There is now no getting away from it, the destruction of the western world lies at the feet of that most terrible of things.
Not ISIL, not rampant radical feminism, not political correctness, not liberal values, not multi-culturalism.
No, the real problem is the white middle aged male.

You must know some of them, they tend to be decent parents, law abiding, they mostly pay their taxes and many of them work at hard physical jobs well into old age.
Some of them care for their elderly parents, others care for their grandchildren.
Lots of them sit on community committees and do odd jobs around their villages and estates for no reward other than the giving of their time to others. Many of them support their children through education and into work for no other reason than the love they have for their offspring.

Quite a number of them post and/or write articles on Going Postal, others who write on GP will be married to or living with one of them and one or two posters are actively looking for a younger version to grow old with.

Some of them drink beer and play pub games like darts and dominoes, some like going to the cinema and the theatre. Quite a lot of them, I would imagine, are loyal and protective of their friends. Some of them are policemen and firemen, others are teachers and nurses. Some of them are decent blokes, some are gob shites. Plenty of them cook and clean, sharing the domestic burden with their wives and partners.
Lots of them drive the trucks that deliver what the country needs to the places where it can be easily reached. Some of them grow the food that we all like to eat.

What a rotten bunch of selfish misogynistic, thick racist bastards and how typical of their male arrogance and white privilege that they should think they might have an equal say in something like the future of the country that many of them, if called, would lay down their lives for.

Is there a less deserving element in our society than this selfish and self centered demographic? I don’t know, but Jeremy Vine, Lady Gaga, John Sople and many others do and they wouldn’t piss on them if they were burning.

If we look at the recent history of the Left, and its continuing march towards its goal of Socialist Nirvana we see startling examples of this type of “divide and rule” and the violence, beyond all requirement, that accompanies it.


I don’t pretend to know much about the “cultural” revolution but what I do know is that millions died either directly at the hands of the communists or as a result of communist policies. Key to Mao getting traction for his revolution was hatred (rightly or wrongly) targeted at the bourgeoisie. I have no doubt that there was much wrong in China but they started out with a target for hating, without nuance, and took it to its logical and bloody conclusion.


I only know what I have read and some of it may not be true but the hate figures of the Cambodian revolution were the educated middle class, I don’t believe distinction was placed on whether or not they were male or female but millions of them died so as the country could return to a utopian (non- existent) agrarian economy.

Of course, in China or Cambodia, both countries with mostly indigenous peoples, it would have been difficult to single out a gender demographic, so they chose a group or type of people to fuel their revolutionary fervour. It mattered little to them that many of those they persecuted might sympathise or might have something to offer come the victory, they were the hate figures so torture, imprisonment or death was their fate.


We all know that Islam isn’t a country but an ideology and we also know that it is(supposedly)  made up of sects, sub sects, radical and non radical adherents. At its heart though is a so called “religious” tome that spells out clearly what must be hated.  Islam may well be the most dangerous of these movements because the hate is directed at all those that do not follow its creed. It is allowable in Islam to lie to and confuse the non believer (kuffar) until such time as the Caliphate is established and the Sharia (religious law) is introduced. At this point the kuffar will be faced with three stark choices, conversion to Islam, slavery or death. It will matter not that you were one of those many people who supported the Muslim cause, the choice will be the same, because they hate you and they hate your western lifestyle.

The Modern Left

Again, not a country but what has become a movement, social media and the internet has allowed the Left across the western world a platform that it has turned to its clear advantage. The globalist paymasters pulling the strings always knew though, for this movement to have even a small chance of success, it needed a clear hate target. It couldn’t be the Jews, that had already been done and in many cases Jews are funding them.  It couldn’t be women because they are among the oppressed, it couldn’t be gays or trans people, it couldn’t be Islam so what could they choose? It had to be a target that was easy to recognise and that preferably was least likely to be able to use the Lefts own tools to retaliate.

They chose middle aged white men, wrongly assuming they wouldn’t have the wit or the sense to do anything about it. They were wrong, as has been proved by the result of the EU referendum and now the result of the US election. We now have ranged against us a collection of racists, “wimmin”, manginas, artistes and others, supported by an infiltrated education system, a corrupt and imbalanced political hierachy and a compliant MSM, who believe that middle aged ordinary white men do not deserve a voice or even an opinion.  Whether by design or by luck the choice of middle aged men has had the added benefit of turning child against parent and partner against partner driving another wedge into the western society that they hate and wish to destroy. The irony that middle aged white men are amongst those spreading the vitriolic hatred is not lost on me.
Hopefully the emergence of what some have called the alternative right will bring about some normality to a world that had appeared to be at the mercy of truly evil forces.

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