Preaching with Kipper : Remain Tears, Innit Blud!

Going Postal

As you all know, or at least you should, there was a high court ruling that states Parliament must vote to allow the Prime Minister to trigger article 50. I did ask Mrs K what the lawyer talk was for that, but it hurt my brain to read. The problem lies with the fact that the referendum was not ‘binding’. It was a mere opinion poll. This is David Cameron’s fault. The fucking mong. Rather than having it written into law that the result will be enacted by the Government. He didn’t. Because he’s a special needs donkey. This means that parliament does not have to respect the result. Thus far we know that the Scot Nats, illiberal Anit-Democratss and a handful of Tory and Labour MP’s will vote against the triggering of article 50. This means that numerous MP’s will be betraying the British people. And I genuinely think they think there won’t be fucking riots.

But what Is worse in my opinion is that the High Court has decided that the people are not the ultimate arbiters of the United Kingdom. And 650 mongtards in London are. This is a direct betrayal of the fundamentals of democracy.

Now here is what I think is going  to happen. Firstly lets put things into perspective. The leave camp is Tom Burgess.

Going Postal

Strong, committed and bound for glory. Sexy as fuck basically. And lets be honest. If brexit were a person He would be a professional Yorkshirema…. Rugby League player.

Whereas the Remain camp is best summed up by this mess of a human being…

Going Postal

I mean For fuck sake just look at the cunt. If shiftiness was a human being. That is what it would look like.

For those who aren’t following. The people know what we want. We want out. Out of the EU, out of the single market. OUT OUT OUT. We want to be independent. We want to better our nation. WE WANT FREEDOM! Whereas the Remain camp don’t have a fucking clue. They can’t stand the fact that the masses told them where they can shove their EU. And they will do anythi8ng to subvert and delay the will of the British people. So in order to get their way they throw around their influence and wealth to shun the little man and in true establishment fashion, sweep us under the rug.

This is just a delay. Brexit will happen. Or the Tories are toast. However the court ruling is very good for UKIP. Now of course Nigel is irreplaceable. He is the most respected southerner in the North. Which is why it will be good if, let’s be honest, when Paul Nuttall wins. Because UKIP will become more of a force in the north.

Now quickly for the sake of diversity.

If brexit were:

A Woman – Lauren Southern

A Fag – Queen Milo

A Ethnic chap – Raheem ‘The African Dream’ Kassam

Anyway I reckon it’ll be alright. Just more Remoaners remoaning.

Going Postal


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