Kipper’s C.V.

Name: Kippeario Tarquin Fred McKipperson IV
Gender: Lesbian
Ethnicity: Martian
Age: 20
Sexuality: Hetro-Normative

Dear Mr Trump.

I am applying for the role of Secretary of State for Melting the Snowflakes. I have great  experience melting snowflakes. As someone who attends University and is not an extreme leftard. I  experience special snowflakes on a daily basis. So I have great personal experience with  snowflakes. Furthermore after nearly 3 years of going to university I have FUCKING SHIT TONES OF  FUCKING MOTIVATION TO FUCKING MELT THOSE FUCKING FUCKERS!

As an experience shitposter. I know exactly how to trigger the snowflakes. And how to sneak in  with my blowtorch and melt the fuckers! I also have the Massive Horn for Milo. And I think I will  get along just fin in an environment will such fabulous beauties.

Mr Trump. Your victory was ‘Beyond Brexit’. I am a Brit. So All my work can be done Via the  internet from my home in West Yorkshire. And on occasion fly over to attend special melting  events. As someone who earns a comfortable amount I am more than happy to do the Job for free. Yes  I know this is literally what Hitler did and is probably textbook fascism.

I enjoy wearing my scarf

I used to work on a building site. So if you ever need me to help with THE WALL. I’d be more than  happy. I also used to work in Sainsburys. And as a model I spend a lot of time around gayers. So  that’s probably relevant.

I am personally a connoisseur of both the #BillSideEyes.jpg And the #DonaldSmugFace.jpg

Hobbies and interests:
Pulling Meena
Baiting Leftards
Understanding the meaning of this image


Gay Tom
“Kipper is a sick guy. His shoulders are second to none and his abs are a solid above average”


“Kipper makes the best #Quiche I’ve ever had”

Kipper ©