Donald Trump, the Political Class and Western civilisation

'So called' AW, Going Postal

Western civilisation has arguably been built upon strong Christian moral values, respect and tolerance for each other and a hard work ethic driven by pride and national identity.

No doubt this statement would bring criticism from left wing nut cases, claims of racism or some other rubbish. However it is pretty much indisputable really. From the industrial revolution, through the Second World War, Cold War and technological age Britain and the USA have been at the forefront of advancement and prosperity. This success has been constructed upon a sound legal system and a free market economy (capitalism).

It infuriates me that over the past 20 years our world has been hijacked by lawyers, human rights activists, feminists and pretty much any other minority group you can think of. They seem hell bent on destroying our way of life so they can vindictively claim that capitalism has failed. This is cultural Marxism, a culture forced upon the west by very people who today make up our political class. They are destroying our world by wrapping it up in red tape.

Whether you look at the telly, or the Internet, your children at school or university, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on, everyone around you is being brainwashed by a relentless torrent of Propoganda, ‘The narrative’.

Who knows where the narrative comes from, whether it is the inner workings of number 10 Downing Street, the billionaires who own our newspapers or some Eurocrats in Brussels, it doesn’t really matter. What is very clear today is that right across Britain and the USA, we have had enough of it. And this feeling is spreading, Austria, Holland, France and Germany all have elections over the next 12 months and people have the right to throw the narrative back into the faces of the political class.

Who are the political class to tell us how to live our lives? We just want a good job so we can buy a house, go on holiday, raise a family and retire in peace. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less about the Middle East, so called climate change or wherever other excuse they wish to use to tell me what to do or use to reduce my standard of living (uncontrolled immigration).

Is it any wonder that our world is tied up with rules and regulations when we keep electing lawyers and human rights activists to represent us in parliament? Just look at our parliament, they are all lawyers. Where are the builders? The business men? The people who you need to build a country, not the parasites we have in our government who are knocking it down but by bit.

Coming back to the narrative the one that makes me laugh is ‘Trump isn’t experienced enough to be president’. Imagine how successful our country would be with 326 Donald trumps in Westminster instead of those useless MPs lining the SNP, Labour, lib dem and Tory benches!

2016 has shown us that although we have started to fight back, the challenge ahead is great, and maybe an impossible task. We have an entire generation who have been brainwashed and preprogrammed by our schools, young people that are controlled by their identity cards (mobile phones). But before we do anything we have to get rid of the cultural Marxism that has infected our media and government. This has to come to an end now, and is the biggest single threat to our democracy and way of life.

We don’t need human rights, climate protection and diversity. We need small government, freedom from red tape and good Christian values. This is still our country and we need to take back control now.

I congratulate those American people who voted for Donald trump. Anyone that has looked into his history will know that he is a great man, who for many years (try 30) has spoke of his concern for the way our world has changed. Changes brought about by cultural Marxists, lawyers and activist groups. “The donors and the special interests”. He certainly seems to have the drive and strength to bring about the changes that are needed to save the western world from the political class and I wish him well.

But here on the other side of the Atlantic, we are stuck with this:

'So called' AW, Going Postal

Smiler! Or even worse this:

'So called' AW, Going Postal

Get us out of the EU NOW Mrs May, and that means the single market too or step aside so we can find somebody that can.

Thanks folks

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