Brexit and The Socialist Master

CommanderJampot, Going Postal

*Some people are protesting on the lawn of a rich Socialist’s house to protest against his love of the EU and that he agreed with the high court’s decision.*

“Down with the EU and up with Britain!”

*A servant named Jeeves rushes into his master’s drawing room and saw him sitting on a chair and reading the Guardian newspaper.*

“Sire, the peasants are revolting-!” *The Socialist master turned his eyes from his newspaper and onto Jeeves with a smile.*

“Of course Jeeves, they are indeed revolting people, they smell odd and think Brexit is such a wonderful thing for our country, when it is not.”

*Jeeves frowned and then proceed to explain what he meant.* “Not exactly what I meant Sire, I mean the peasants and the press are rather displeased by the decision from the high court regarding Brexit and Article 50, cue the peasants revolting Sire.”

*The master looked at a window to his left and saw the protesters on his lawn, waving signs.*

“Ah Jeeves, I see. They don’t seem to be revolting much, these peasants.”

“They are peacefully expressing their displeasure of our elitist love of the EU and our obsession with huge EU pensions, Sire.”


“Yes, Sire.”

“Tell Gideon to unleash the three hounds of the court. We can’t be seen having peasants on our lawn, or the neighbours will not be allowing us to join their virtue signaling parties.”

“Yes, Sire.”

*And Jeeves left the drawing room and thus did what his master told him.*

“Gideon. Unleash the hounds!”

*The hounds were released and appeared to be three court judges and they gave chase to the frightened protesters.*

“Oh my god, the judges are here! Run!”

*The master rubbed his hands with glee as he saw the protesters get beaten up by the judges and had the protesters thrown out of his land, thus ending the peasants revolt of Brexit. But, who was that appearing at the door?*

“I am the ghost of Brexit, the Drainer of Swamps and I had demanded that you listen to what the people have asked for. But, you had failed to listen and used the courts against what the people asked for, thus I Brexit will play your game of having to work with parliament against you.”

*The master was confused.”

“How can you do that?”

“One, the House of Commons must allow for Article 50 or we have a general election. Two, the House of Lords must allow for Article 50 or we will fill the house with a 1000 new lords that will vote for Brexit. And thus Brexit cannot be stopped, you are losing.”

*The ghost of Brexit vanished and the master looked glum, knowing that his pathetic plans have been crushed by the peasants and their love for Brexit.*

© CommanderJampot