A Dream. A Fantasy. Surely nothing like this could ever happen?

1642again, Going Postal

The time is a few years into the future.  The country, the world, is in turmoil.  The financial system is crashing, immigration is out of control, race and ideological riots are in the streets, public services disintegrating, no go areas proliferating, inflation out of control, the state edging towards insolvency…  And Britain is better placed than many of its neighbours.

The Lord Protector has been reborn in answer to his country’s prayers and has been elected to lead a new majority government.  And like all great military men he has a plan and will move fast from the first moment of taking office.  The plan has immediate, short term, medium term and long term stages, and above all it has clarity of purpose.

Intrinsically conservative he will work within the bounds of the ancestral constitution and the law, but will use any legal means to break any impasse that threatens the momentum of his plan’s enactment.  The vested opposing interests are strong and bitterly determined, and he expects brutal resistance on every aspect of his plan’s implementation.

This article focuses on his plan for the Immediate Term (first 28 days)

The strategy has two principal components:

  1. To start to restore fiscal and financial viability, and confidence, rapidly, and will target reducing state spending by £100 billion annually within three years and much further thereafter.
  2. To overwhelm resistance from the MSM, public and financial sector vested interests etc by launching a wide ranging series of initiatives announced day-by-day so that the opposition cannot focus its rage or resistance on any single measure, but is simply swamped by the all-encompassing nature of the legal and peaceful assault it is facing.

Principal measures

  • The announcement of a review of the BBC’s Charter, to be completed by a hand-picked commission within 30 days.  To include the privatisation of commercially viable services, measures to ensure unbiased coverage and the promotion of native British culture (in all broadcast media), abolition of the licence fee and replacement of any residual services with a subscription service.  Channel 4 privatisation to be included with exploratory discussions about a sale to Fox News.  The future of non-commercially viable radio services to be reviewed.
  • The announcement of a new Nationality Act.  All citizenship rights granted since 1997 to be withdrawn and their UK residency reviewed on the presumption of rescinding unless the beneficiary can demonstrate they have not been a financial liability for the state, have not committed any offences or stirred up trouble.  Those that have not to be deported within 6 months; those that have to be given a right to remain until sixty and then to leave and will not qualify for a State Pension.  Only those that have served successfully in HM Armed Forces to be given citizenship unless they can otherwise prove exceptional merit.  All first and second generation immigrants, including their families, irrespective of arrival date who have committed offences of any description, have been in receipt of state benefits for more than 6 months, who are foreign born Muslim clerics, who have dual citizenship with a non Western country not on an approved list, have more than four children, who do not pass an advanced written and spoken English test, or who are on the security services’ radar as posing any form of risk, to be deported with 3 months and citizenship rescinded.  Any third generation or fourth generation immigrant convicted of serious crimes or considered a security risk to be deported.  Other criteria for rejection/deportation to be considered.  No right of Appeal.
  • A new paramilitary Border Security Force to be established with 20,000 armed uniformed offers and 30,000 non-uniformed personnel, to oversee (b) above , and to take over airport and seaport security and controls.
  • The announcement of a new voluntary militia of 500,000 open only to citizens of good standing.  Such to be allowed life time ownership of military grade firearms subject to qualifications about mental health etc.  Handguns to be permitted for any citizen of good standing.
  • Suspension of the Bank of England’s independence for 5 years and dismissal of the Governor.  A new mandate to be adopted to reduce bank leverage significantly to curtail fractional banking and announcement of long term moves to back the currency with a basket of commodities and other tangible assets over a period of 15 years.  Introduction of a UK Glass-Steagall type Act.
  • The announcement of a seven year transition programme to abolish the tax advantages of corporate debt in relation to equity.  Company dividends to be given tax advantages subject to certain restrictions (e.g. on property companies).
  • The announcement that within three years to be able to own UK freehold or long leasehold property one must be resident in the UK for tax purposes, with the exception of expatriot citizens who have previously resided here for tax purposes for a minimum of 15 years.
  • The announcement of a move to the abolition of Corporation Tax on UK manufacturing where over 90% of the value added occurs in the UK, with a sliding scale down to 60% value added.
  • Overseen by the Protector himself, a series of line by line reviews of all government and state agency expenditures, with identification of what is non-statutory and what is statutory, and for the latter what measures need to be taken to remove any statutory basis of the expenditure including Acts of Repeal and plans for phased withdrawal of state funding over the life time of the government.  Areas for early priority cessation of state funding to include:

  1. All foreign aid, other than certain emergencies, and closing DFID.
  2. All Charity funding where over 10% of a Charity’s annual funds are derived from the UK state.  Many charities to be banned from receiving any state funding at all and to have their charitable status revoked if they don’t pass a Public Interest Test.
  3. Abolition of the Ministry of Culture, Sport etc.  All arts etc institutions to be self-funding.
  4. Access to NHS services for non citizen non-tax payers to be charged at Private Health rates.  No pay, no play.
  5. All climate changed related subsidies.  Climate related taxed to be abolished.
  6. Other state agencies which do not pass a Public Utility test.

  • Repeal of all equality and similar legislation.  Leave it to the market.
  • The announcement of a population target, reducing to 45 million over 75 years (three generations).  All government policies to contribute to this target and will include a net emigration target, strict limits on child benefit etc.
  • All mosques built with any component of overseas funding or from listed organisations to be closed and the property confiscated by the Government.  Certain sects of Islam e.g. Deobandis, Salafis, to be proscribed and adherents given 12 months to prove genuine conversion to another faith or face expulsion.
  • Privatisation of all higher education institutions and abolition of the student loan system.  The state to pay bursaries towards the fees of courses considered to be in the national interest, primarily in sciences, technology and engineering.  Limited numbers of scholarships paid on academic merit to be available in other rigorous disciplines.   All other fees and living costs to be borne by the student from commercial lenders.  Bursaries including fees and moderate living costs to be paid to those who have completed 3 years’ good conduct service in HM Armed Forces.  Institutions have to be accredited on specific qualitative grounds by HM Government to be able to qualify for UK students’ fees being paid by the government.
  • Announcement of a Referendum on the restoration of corporal and capital punishment, with citizens being to be able to vote on a crime tariff sheet, e.g, child murder, aggravated rape, mass murder, terrorism.  Those already serving detention for such offences to face retrospective application of the public’s decision.
  • Announcement of plans to restore the ancestral balanced constitution with a new enhanced House of Lords composed of hereditary peers of good standing, citizens chosen by lottery, and no more than 10% appointed expert peers.  The franchise to be reviewed and additional qualitative restrictions considered.  Local government elections to be enfranchised for rate payers only.  The House of Commons to have the party whip made illegal and members to be given the choice of being wholly unpaid and allowed  other declared interests, or paid and not allowed other interests.  Minimum age of thirty to be elected and must have paid tax for a minimum of ten years..  Constituents to have Right of Recall.
  • The announcement of a full rearmament programme to take place over ten years on a statutory basis.  Women to be excluded from fighting units and declared gheys disbarred.  Forces wages to be increased substantially with other benefits to ensure manpower targets are achieved.
  • The announcement that within twelve months all non-work related benefits in areas with technically full employment to be abolished other than 6 months’ entitlement to Unemployment Benefit.  Areas not meeting this full employment test to be reviewed to decide how such benefits can be phased out over longer term on a case-by-case basis.  Working-related benefits to be phased out over three to ten years depending on area.  Disability benefits to be radically overhauled with the intent of reducing qualifying numbers by 50% within 3 years, but those qualifying to get increased support and subsidy.
  • A Royal Commission to be announced to decide what medical treatment will be available free to whom on the NHS on a statutory basis (Category A, e.g. heart attacks), what treatment with the NHS will part fund alongside patient (Category B, e.g. where the patient’s life style has materially contributed to their condition)), and what will be paid at private medical rates by the patient (elective abortion, most cosmetic surgery).  The Commission will also review the extension of private insurance to take over all funding of Category B treatment.  Appointments to see GP’s to be charged at £5 and non-attended appointments at £20.

All the above to be announced and underway with the first 28 days, with implementation of conclusions starting as soon as possible.

Phase 2 short term programme then to commence from Day +30.

Like any good leader the Lord Protector would welcome suggestions for improvement and revision, and would hope that within seven years he can retire into obscurity a happy man and confident that his beloved country was set on the right path to a happy and peaceful future.

© 1642again