A Dream. A Fantasy. Surely nothing like this could ever happen? Part Two

1642again, Going Postal

The Lord Protector’s government is now approaching the start of its second month in office.  The opposition, both in and outside Parliament is stunned at the multi-faceted series of legal measures already announced and commencing implementation.  Opposition is fragmented as each special interest focuses on defending its own corner although some are trying to ally to broaden resistance, but this takes time.  A multiplicity of legal challenges are being prepared.

The Protector’s Cabinet has been finalised and is ready to launch phase 2 – the Short term – over course of days 30 to 90.  The intention is to maintain the momentum established by the First Phase measures, to keep the opposition off balance, and to start to implement some items developed in the first 28 days.  The principal measures to be announced in Phase 2 and subsequently implemented include:

  1. The adoption of a National Energy Plan.  As Climate Change related energy subsidies are phased out, HM Government states that it will develop a State owned and funded Electricity Company with the intention of producing, within 15 years, 50% of the UK’s base load electricity requirement and a strategic reserve generation capability of 5% of total demand.  Electricity distributors will be required by law to purchase this energy at prices set by the government at cost-to-produce plus 7% annual investment capital return.  This base load will be generated initially by a combination of UK made modular nuclear reactors and a series of Thorium/molten salt reactors.
  2. HS2, Hinckley Point and certain other major infrastructure projects will be cancelled.
  3. A National Industrial Bank to be established which will soft fund on both a joint equity and debt basis a range of small and medium sized companies, and projects, with an advanced technology focus including propulsion, IT, energy efficiency, tidal power, robotics, chemical and biological engineering, materials science, and agricultural productivity.  Any company utilising these funds will in perpetuity give the Government a Golden Share to allow the sale to another entity without Government consent.
  4. A National Industrial and Infrastructure Fund will be established to provide 60% of the capital of the Industrial Bank and National Energy Plan.  This Fund will issue 20 and 10 year maturity Bonds, which are exempt of Tax and will pay 3% annual interest which will be CPI indexed if CPI exceeds 5%. Only private individuals resident in the UK for tax purposes will be able to hold such bonds.
  5. The life time pension cap will be raised to £1.5 million immediately and then indexed to Average Earnings thereafter.
  6. The Protector will define three long term Secret National Policy objectives known only to the Inner Security Cabinet and the top level of the reborn and highly classified Special Operations Executive and the new Economic Security Agency. The former will be charged with advancing the fulfilment of these three objectives over the long term and will have an initial annual Budget of £3 billion and a direct employee base of 2000 personnel.  SOE will establish a network of agents and client paramilitary forces in geographies to conduct the implementation of these objectives.  The ESA will analyse every country and its economy, and the top twenty global companies in each industrial sector, and pursue a policy of placing agents within them, securing influence over corporate policy, ascertaining weak points and obtaining access to confidential commercial and technology information.  A nominated list of other leading technological companies and organisations will receive similar attention. These agencies will be autonomous in that they will not be subject to Parliamentary oversight, but only to a classified protectorate Council.  
  7. The sale or consumption of non-humanely killed meat in the UK will be banned, as will fish or dairy product that does not meet UK production standards.  This will include halal and kosher food.
  8. All Islamic dress, for both men and women, to be prohibited.  State support for or celebration of any non-Christian religious festival to be banned.
  9. Motorcycle crash helmets and car seats for those aged over 18 not to be compulsory.  However those injured while not using them will not qualify for free NHS treatment.
  10. Smoking in pubs to be permitted in rooms where no hot food is served.
  11. Government funded campaigns against drinking and smoking to be scrapped.  Taxes on tobacco and predominantly UK produced alcohol (e.g. beer) to be progressively reduced to levels equivalent in real terms to those of 1997.
  12. Teacher training colleges to be abolished.  All training will be done by means of Teacher Apprenticeships over 3 years, which will qualify for a non-Honours degree level, in specific Teaching Academy schools which meet the standards by HM Teaching Inspectorate, a uniformed replacement for Offsted.  All Exam Boards to be scrapped and replaced with a single Board for each level of education composed of representatives from top universities for academic subjects and of Trade Representative organisations for vocational courses.
  13. Professional political lobbying organisations to be banned.
  14. The EU to be given a draft Free Trade Treaty with a 90 day deadline to agree revisions and then 30 days for approval by EU governments.  If this timetable is not met, the European Communities Act 1972 and all subsequent Acts will be repealed within 14 days and all UK obligations under it abrogated with immediate effect.
  15. The UK Government to review within 30 days all International Treaty obligations with recommendations as to which should be rescinded.  The various climate change treaties to be abandoned, and likewise hostile bodies like ECHR and Unicef.  Subscriptions to such bodies to be suspended until the review is complete.
  16. A Protector headed UK mission to the Russia to take place quickly to identify matters of common interest, a free trade agreement, explore mutual military refuelling rights and joint defence projects.  Ideally to be a tripartite arrangement with the USA.  All sanctions against Russia to be terminated.
  17. The UK embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem in exchange for certain confidential guarantees from the Israeli government, including additional protections for Christians.
  18. Public body salaries and benefits to be capped at the level of the Prime Minister (the Protector would take no salary, just living expenses and suitable accommodation in Westminster).  Public sector Defined Benefit Pensions to be capped at a maximum of £60,000 per annum for existing pensioners and active members with 12 months’ notice.  All future Public Sector Defined Benefit pensions for new employees and those of less than three years’ service to move to an Average Salary basis and subject to a cap of £50,000 per annum.  A Royal Commission to be established to look at alternative forms of public sector pension arrangements to ensure they are not out of line with private sector provision.  MP’s pensions to move to Defined Contribution immediately with a 10% of salary employer’s contribution level.
  19. The review of the BBC’s Charter has been completed within the 30 day timetable set out.  Actions to be implemented include the privatisation of BBC Radios 1 and 2 to begin immediately so that they stand on a non-state commercial basis.  Radios 3, 4 and 5 to be merged into a single BBC Radio channel with a focus on news and current affairs, high culture, education and debate, subject to strict standards of impartiality and paid out of Lottery profits.  The licence fee to be abolished for BBC 1 and BBC 2 and replaced with a subscription service, with BBC 1 also permitted to carry adverts. BBC2 to adhere to the same remit as BBC Radio and BBC 1 to a quality family entertainment remit.  The BBC will be an independent state guaranteed entity operating on a non-profit making basis. Ofcom with monitor the BBC’s output to ensure it meets its remit.  All other BBC television channels to be cosed.  Channel 4 privatisation to be concluded within 180 days with a sale to Fox or Breitbart, the purchaser will be given a remit to be partial subject to certain constraints.  BBC regional radio to be scrapped.
  20. The Riot Act to be re-introduced as an Emergency measure.

The Protector is concerned about the potential unforeseen consequences of such sweeping action and the danger of people telling him what they think he wants to hear.  To minimise these risks and to ensure that he remains close to the real people of the country, each week he will visit a pub/club somewhere in the country without notice and to take feedback and suggestions from its patrons.  Furthermore, each week he will host a working lunch in London for ten citizens selected at random to listen to their thoughts.  He of course invites and remains open to further written feedback directed to his personal office and will be trawling some blog sites incognito and even engaging in some comment discussions to test his thinking.

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