Odds on randomly meeting someone you know

Gotham must be destroyed, Going Postal

I was at a stage in my life where I just didn’t care (it is difficult
to explain, it is like Trusting Life).
Somebody had given me some money ( “never give him any money you will
not see him again” ) for work I had done.
So I thought to go East.
2 weeks previously I had kicked my live in girlfriend out because she
was getting possessive.
I closed up the flat and went to the railway station to get the Paris
train in the evening and I see that it is due out in 2 hours so I go
to the nearest pub and wait.
I return to the station and there has been an error because the train
has departed 1 hour earlier.
I knew where there was an open house party so I wandered off there and
then in the morning headed back to the station.
The train I connected with in France was like a local thing because I
had to change at some rural station.
I am waiting at the platform and the train pulls in, I open the door,
go and sit down at the first available seat and there sat opposite me
is the girl that I had kicked out of my flat 2 weeks ago.
We are hitchhiking; I spend a day or two with her and her friend then
I say “Ok bye, see you”
I wander off this and that, generally eastwards.
2 weeks later I am travelling with some guy and this Australian comes
up to us.
“run, run, run the boat is leaving”
So we run, run, run and I have no idea why I want to get on this boat.
I say to my companion
“I have a funny feeling that my ex girlfriend is on that boat”
I walk up the gangplank and sure enough there she is waiting for me.
she says; “I knew you would be here”
we spend a week on a beach then she comes with me to Istanbul where
she doesn’t want to come further on my adventure.
3 months later I return to London, I phone her and she invites me to
live in her flat.
Then after several years of various travels we get married and have
Coincidence do you think ?

Gotham must be destroyed ©