Encoding, Storage and Retrieval

Gmbd, Going Postal

OK let me explain some stuff you might have missed.
first of all I should say that my first memory is from 18 month or something and I wanted to see from what height I could jump.
1st step OK, 2nd step OK 3rd step snap (green-stick fracture ) goes the leg.
Now this is interesting. My dear mother had to wheel me about in a pram because of the plaster on my leg and I am thinking ” this is great, I am getting wheeled about again”
so you see my earliest memory is containing a memory from an even earlier time.

I continued to see from what height I could jump without sustaining injury and would do “prat falls” for interest.
That is because you have to get used to the body you inhabit for example I might be a giraffe or a rhinoceros then I would be experimenting in different areas.
You have to do that.
I used to spend all my time outdoors examining the nature, all the different weeds and insects and that, we used to have a lot more of that sort of thing in days gone by.
Anyway one day they said
“you have to go to school tomorrow”
“WHATTT !!!”
“I do not want to go to school, I want all the school teachers to die so I do not have to go to school”
So I go miserably to school and they say to me; “learn this.
1 + 1 = 2
1 + 2 = 3 “
and so on
I think;
“NO NO NO you are wrong. I have looked at the nature, the plants and insects and the things that they do and no way this simple explanation will explain that”
So then I thought
“Well I suppose if this is it I should learn about this shit”
with me so far ?
blah blah and blah blah and blah blah.

On a personal note, the German, who I worked with for 30 years or something, said “one thing plus one thing is more than two things”
and I thought ” exactly, this why we have been friends all this time”.

so after being told stuff I continued to examine my thoughts.
and very very seriously.
“Is this thought my thought or a thought that they have made me think”
I got very good at it, it is really quite a hard work but I did it.
somebody has to.
This is why I was so successful so early on, it is because I thought things for myself.
I see and hear people today and I do wonder is there any point in them thinking at all ?
They could be all rolled up into one person and it would have the same effect on the world of thinking.

When I see people all scurrying about and so preoccupied with stupid details of their lives I wonder if we could all be one consciousness.
like a bee state, like Mao wanted ?
I’m tired now and nurse says I should stop typing.

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