The Day After Tomorrow, We’ll Still Be Here

We are told that it is necessary for all of the countries of the world to come together and tackle climate change.

The reason for this is that scientific research has established that the level of carbon in the atmosphere has doubled over the past 100 years. This research involves examining ice core samples in the Antarctic.

The greenhouse effect regulates the planets temperature by reflecting the Suns radiation. Most of this is achieved by water vapour and clouds in the atmosphere. A study by NASA established that 75% of this ‘effect’ was down to the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere and cloud cover, which is in turn influenced by the amount of dust and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which contributes towards most of the other 25%. It does appear that carbon levels is a control mechanism.

All of this evidence is pretty much indisputable. However, how all this evidence is interpreted and the conclusions made are subject to opinion!

So, here’s mine.

Ice core samples actually go back much further than 100 years and have produced the following data going back 400,000 years, illustrated below:

This data, combined with geographical research shows that planet earth goes through an ice age roughly every 100,000 years or so, and relatively speaking, we are going through a warm period currently.

But there does also seem to be another ice age just around the corner!

Historically the planet goes through periods of warming and cooling, and there does seem to be a link between carbon emissions and warming of the atmosphere.

Maybe carbon emissions cause the planet to warm. Or, maybe a warmer planet creates more carbon dioxide. Maybe it is both!

A planet covered in ice, is certain to produce less carbon dioxide than a planet covered in life. And the human race produces only 3% of the carbon dioxide produced on our planet, with other animals creating the rest. Coincidently a planet covered in ice would reflect the Suns radiation and cool further. There is even a theory for a run away ice age where the planet gets to a point where it is covered by that much ice it would fail to heat up again and freeze over completely. However, the planet earth does seem to find a way to control this and almost like clockwork warms and cools as it tilts, turns and wobbles its way around the sun.

In reality even if the human race stopped breathing tomorrow, it is still not going to have any impact at all on the climate of this 4.5billion year old planet! This is a fact. So, you have to conclude that there is some alternative political motivation for leading politicians to be spending so much time on carbon emissions. Perhaps it is power and about oil!

The real issue seems to be that our planet seems to go through periods of warming where life on the planet flourishes, and then quite abruptly swings into a long period of cooler climate.

Maybe we should be more concerned about the impact of global cooling as that seems to be a much greater threat to life on our planet.

It would seem to me that as the planet warms, it creates more life and more carbon dioxide, getting warmer, and in turn creating more carbon dioxide and so on. Until it reaches a point where for some reason levels of carbon dioxide and global temperatures seem to fall rapidly. At this point the planet cools quickly and then gradually goes through the cycle again.

The question that should be asked is what suddenly causes the planet to cool when global temperatures reach the levels that we are currently at. Does the planet reach a point where it is unable to sustain life? Or does it reach a temperature where the oceans currents (day after tomorrow style) change, causing the northern hemisphere to ice over, cooling global temperatures?

As a conclusion we should be trying to control the population of the planet not the use of fossil fuels. Not just humans, but all life that produces carbon dioxide. For example, soil respiration and decomposition, accounts for nearly 30% of co2 emissions, 10 times as much as the human race.

We could start by getting rid of Gordon Browns tax credits which effectively encourages immigrants and benefit cheats to breed excessively and costs the British tax payer billions!

But, even more seriously we should be tackling population growth on a global scale, not just humans but animals too. Anything that produces CO2. The burning of fossil fuels is negligible.

Ultimately, our planet seems to have its own mechanism for dealing with population growth if we don’t understand it and sort it out ourselves.

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