She was afraid to come out of the water

Flying Hippo, Going Postal

I think I have a bit of a libertarian streak running through me. I believe you should be allowed to do whatever you like as long as you do not adversely affect anybody else.

I am genuinely conflicted with this Burkini debate – because I believe you should be able to wear what you want and I find it worrying that the state wants to interfere in this. But the big question is why on earth would you want to wear it?

How can a religion that dictates what you must wear, eat and interferes with the schedule of your daily life be a good thing? And why on earth are we bending over backwards to accommodate it?

Was our culture so shit that it needs dodgy takeaways, taxi drivers, honour killings and FGM to improve it? No it didn’t. We have done organised religion in this country, we didn’t like it so we got rid of it, and we don’t need it again.

This Muslim conundrum seems to be hanging over us and no one wants to tackle it. Again, that being said and this may be a little controversial to some of the Going Postal faithful, I’m not too bothered about Islam. If the political will was there we could quite easily control it in the UK.

What bothers me most is this bizarre left wing, middleclass, BBC loving and guardian reading cult that has infected our once great world leading country. These people have infiltrated all our main institutions and organisations.

This cult is barmy, it’s faux socialist and opposes everything about the mechanics of the Islamic culture, but is determined to protect it due to its warped ideology.

Its members are well paid and enjoy the fruits of capitalism – but yet again because of their weird philosophy, they want to curb any economic benefits from private ventures.

This weird sect loves giving away taxpayers money. It loves inefficient state institutions and paying people to stay at home to watch ‘loose women.’

It’s obsessed with the minorities. It goes out of its way to promote minority issues, to the detriment of the majority.

It has a state funded information service that broadcasts on all media types – the BBC.  Every broadcast has to mention a minority issue – The GCSE results of a Syrian refugee, Burkinis in France, lack of transgender toilets in Bradford etc etc.

Although, the cult is not happy, oh no, tears are hitting the Châteauneuf-du-Pape in London. One of its allies, the European Union, has been given a bloody nose by the evil racist, xenophobic, thick white working class people of the UK. They have had the audacity to vote to leave the EU in a recent referendum (anybody remember that!?!) How dare they! They must be punished!

This cult will destroy the UK. It is determined to drag us to the bottom. We may have shit lives but, hay ho, it will be a fair society.

I think the people are waking up to this cult and the more they try to influence us, the more they are winding us up and it is having the opposite effect. Let’s hope that Brexit happens and once it does our country can re-emerge and take its place, where it should be, as the best country in the world.

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