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Shami Chakrabarti is a person of the highest integrity. Let there be no doubt on that. Shami has spent her entire career doing the right thing.

It would be outrageous to suggest that there was any sort of sordid deal between her and Jeremy Corbyn over her inquiry into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. Right from the outset, Shami showed she was handling the inquiry with total transparency and objectivity.

Her first act was to join the Labour Party, which proved she was approaching the investigation as a completely impartial chair.

Then, in an interview on J-TV, she refused to answer a question about whether she’d been offered a peerage by Corbyn. Once again, Shami showed that transparency was at the core of her inquiry.

Finally, at the launch of her report, where a Jewish Labour MP was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse and is now under police protection after receiving death threats from exponents of the new kinder gentler politics, Shami said her inquiry had found only a few cases of anti-Semitism and that no one guilty of anti-Semitic racism should be excluded for life from the party. These findings left us with no doubt as to the thorough, full and extensive nature of the inquiry and the unassailable authority of its conclusions.

It is pure coincidence that shortly after this report was published Shami was given a peerage by Jeremy Corbyn, who as leader of the opposition was allowed to nominate someone to receive an honour in David Cameron’s resignation honours list.

It is irrelevant and of no importance that peers in the Lords can claim a £300 a day allowance for every day they attend and that you can get that allowance just by signing a register and without contributing to any debates, with many peers getting an average of £4,000 a month.

Stay Puft, Going Postal
Lady Muck

As I said at the start, Shami is a person of the highest integrity. So much so, just look at how serious she was when taking her place in the Lords. After all, taking £300 a day from the taxpayer for doing fuck all is no laughing matter.

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