Preaching with Kipper : Remain Tears, The Slightly Underwhelming Third Edition

Going Postal

I have friends who voted remain and I have friends who voted leave. It’s been over two months since the referendum now. And, for the most part, people have moved on. But some cunts haven’t and that’s why I’m here with another oh so smug edition of remain tears.

As I say most of us have moved on. By that I mean some remaintards have got over it. We’ve accepted the result and are moving forward. I don’t care about people who voted remain. Now this will probably be a really smugcunt thing to say, but that’s who I am, so fuck it. I don’t care about people who voted remain because most people who voted remain didn’t have a fucking clue. Like my dip shit friends. The voted for the status quo because they “didn’t really know”. Or they voted remain for reasons that hat fuck all to do with the EU, “I didn’t want the border agreement with France to go away”.

Going Postal

“I didn’t want the boarder agreement with France to go away”. This particular person is my brother- in-law. He fancies himself as a political thinker. He aint. He aint even a thinker. He is a dumbass. A dumbass who took my fucking sister to Lambeth. A dumbass with a dad bod and a superiority complex. A dumbass who squared up to me a 6’7 CrossFit athlete. He is a (Roughly) 5’10  chubby pussy ass weeb from down south. Also isn’t it rather amusing that the sister of the sexiest brexiteer in England lives in Lambeth, the most Eurocunt area of the UK (79% Remain, 21 % Leave). Anyway I shall digress. Here is why my brother-in-law is an idiot. We are an island. We don’t’ share a border with France. The sea is our fucking border. Furthermore if France were to just come out and let all the feral cunts in the jungle into the tunnel. We could just block the tunnel. But this would never happen because it would be more of a ball ache for France than it would be for us. And the border agreement is between us France and Belgium aint even related to the EU. All it says is French border checks happen in England and British border checks happen in France. So if the agreement were to be scrapped all our geezers would move 30 miles across the channel from France to England and all the Frogs would move 30 miles across the channel from England to France. Nothing would change except you would have your passport checked in France rather than England. The cunts in the jungle will stay there. The whole exercise would be one massive farce. Then again, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t put it past the cheese eating surrender monkeys to be right royal cunts.

But I don’t care, we voted leave and brexit WILL happen. However there is one thing I do care about and that’s the cunts who were full bore remaintards before the referendum and are now either bitter cunts or “The referendum was a bad idea” wankers. The cunts who say shit like “Ya know what. It’s like we’ve all told a child not to touch the oven and they’ve touched it and burned themselves” yeah we touched the oven and the burn gave us superpowers. These are the wankers who want brexit to fail because they HAVE to be right. The tossers who are pretending like it’s all doom and gloom. When we all know it is absolutely splendid. And surely you all know some knob who was ‘all for the British people having a democratic choice on the matter’, but all of a sudden thinks it was a fucking terrible idea and we should have never had the referendum. Because they lost. Now the ubercunt’s are the one who throw up their hands and say shit like “I always said the referendum was a bad idea”. When you both know full well it is total bollocks. But we don’t argue with them do we. Why would we? When we can just sit there and smile in all our smug glory.

There is also the “people weren’t informed enough to make this decision” cunt. And to an extent he is correct, but to more of an extent he is a cunt and wrong. Yes, the British people, on mass, are fucking special needs when it comes to politics. For years it’s been as simple as, there is a cunt with a red tie and there is a cunt with a blue tie. Choose one, and if you are feeling adventurous there is a cunt with yellow tie. And then all of a sudden there an option which isn’t just which coloured boot will kick you. It’s a vote for your country, for your freedom, for your future. Along comes UKIP and Capin’ Nige. Gradually more and more people begin to engage and educate themselves politically. And the referendum came around and just enough people bothered to educate themselves for us to make the correct decision to leave the European Union. The British people are the final decision makers. Dumb as they may be, they have the power. Whether you elitist, metropolitan remain cunts like it or not.

I am a smug cunt. I have a PhD in smugcuntology. But my smugcuntness is 169% deserved. All the shit us right minded folk.. Sorry leave supporters got throughout and after the campaign. All the names we were called. All the times we explained that wanting to take back democratic control of your nation was not racist, homophobic, sexist or whatever fucking buzzword was in vogue that particular day. All the fucking pavement stomping we did. All the street stalls we held. And all times we were threatened absolutely entitles us to be the smuggest fucking cunts in the fucking country. AND I WILL NOT CHECK THAT PRIVILEGE.

Going Postal

In my experience the single thing that will piss off remaintards more than anything is asking “How does it feel being on the wrong side of history”. Now the reactions to this are funny as fuck. Most folk get really pissed off. Thankfully I’m a pretty unpunchable bloke, but that didn’t stop some trying. It’s also a very good way of gauging how people have a) come to terms with the result. And b) how emotionally (Financially) invested they were. My sister it turns out didn’t really give a shit. She’s now come around to realizing leaving is the best by any measure. My brother-in-law not so much. But there is time for him yet. A nearby full bore remaintard Labour MP. Well. That was the funniest of all. I recognized him in the street went up and asked him “How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history”. He gave me a right pair of evils and ran away. I wish I had filmed it now. The vast majority of remain voters didn’t know what they were voting for. And don’t really care now. So when you ask them that question they wont really care. But the fully indoctrinated Eurocunts hate it. And I wont stop pissing them off. Cos it’s just too fun.

Now the reason I was spurred on to write this is all this bollocks being spouted about ‘brexit lite’. Get ready, I’m probably going to shock a few of you. But I trust David Davis to secure brexit for us. Proper brexit. Out of the EU, out of the single market, no free movement and full British independence. Still, as silly as it sounds. I want the Tories to fuck it up. It would be brilliant for UKIP. All those first time voters inspired by the referendum are going to vote for the only party that was for leave, all those Labour voters aren’t voting for our jez. And all the Tory leavers wont be sticking with Sharia May. Just think about it. It is only logical. This was such a massive issue people will not be forgetting about it any time soon. So many were empowered by the referendum and people are seeing that the establishment CAN BE SMASHED. We gave it a good start by voting leave. People see there is a way to hurt the establishment more. And the only way to do that is to vote UKIP. People are seeing this. UKIP will do brilliantly in 2020 regardless, but May fudging up brexit will only pour more petrol on the fire and stand to fuck over the Tories. YAY!

“Come on Kipper, you Greek god looking muthafuker, you’ve gotten this far into a remain tears article without having a jab at sourcunt”. My apologies.

Going Postal

The 23rd of June 2016. Best day of my life.



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