I was told by Remain it would be fiscal carnage

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
Tim Farron , thankfully not dressed as steve strange for once, on the Box Again groaning into the stratosphere about the great Lie, the £350 million per week to the NHS.

I had my gaff valued saturday, Its worth £15,000 to £20,000 more than in January 2016 , according to the Norman Collier doppleganger Estate agent. Despite the Remain campaign telling me if i voted leave , it would be worth less than Harry Roberts Army and navy Tarpaulin Bijou apartment in Epping Forest 1966 .

My pension Statement delivered last wednesday and dated the 31/7/16, has a total value of £1098 more than the total value statement dated 31/7/15.I was told by Remain it would be fiscal carnage , and its bid value more gory than a blood splattered 1995 Range Rover abandoned by a gate post in Rettendon Essex.

I spend £110 give or take a few bob, every Friday in the Co op for the weekly Shop. The Iron Duke of North Chingford, returns to his leafy Estate in the Kia Soul with the same amount of shopping in the boot , as i did before the 23rd of june 2106 . According to remain , if i voted leave, id be sucking cows blood and eating red ants like a masai warrior on Chingford high street for sustenance .

I even got stung on the left nut by a bee last week, i was told that the bees would go the way of the Platypus after the 23rd of june if i voted to leave.

The Chigwell Doris Hare, My mother in law , is currently laid up in bed but thankfully on the mend. She had a test for T.B Last week fortunately all clear . I was told by Labours Version of Magnus Pike , Professor Robert Winston and EU remainer , that we wouldn’t be able to import 3rd world diseases into our country, (for research purposes), if we voted Leave .

From being virtually eradicated, and On the basis that Hospitals in Essex are currently carrying out huge volumes of TB Tests on anyone over 65 with a left heart ventricle and an arsehole, we seem to be doing ok on that one Robert.

I could go on , but whats the fackin point, its Monday morning and me grapenuts are playing up.

© Glenn 2016
North chingford