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Going Postal

Let me tell you a story.

In my work that I made for myself I was always closely monitoring my brain, brain memory and my reactions to things, so when I was really on my best game you would not know how I was feeling there was so much control there, not control like a military officer, but genuine relaxed control.

Anyway one day I went to see my parents ( my grandmother who lived with us had passed away) I was then completely sober and drug free for some several weeks and I have a classic experience that I have since heard other people describe.

I lay on my bed feeling relaxed and cheerful and then there was a transition where I am lying there and conscious and then I am lying there and conscious but it is different because there are tree branches growing from the ceiling, twisting branches grow towards me and I feel a physical sensation of excited happiness the closer the branches the stronger the happy feeling.

I reach out my arms to the tree branches and I am drawn upwards towards the ceiling. I was thinking; “well this is odd but seems like a natural thing”.

Then out of the corner of my eye I see a dark figure by my bedroom door and the figure takes my attention ( I think it was my grand mother ).

I disentangle myself from the tree branches and drop to the floor to investigate what is this figure but it is dark and I cannot make out anything so I go to turn on the light switch, click, click my efforts have no effect and I look at my bed and I see myself lying there and I totally freak and my instinct is to dive onto my body which I do and I wake up thinking; “what the fuck was that ? “

I wrote to a guy who wrote books about that sort of thing and I said; “do you have any tips if this sort of thing happens again ? “

he replied ( the good guys always reply straight away ) some advice and then; “You probably have a distrustful nature”.

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