A Cult of Thugs

Rorschach, Going Postal

David had just returned from work when the men from Momentum came for him. Emerging menacingly from the shadows, the two skinheads approached him wearing red T-shirts with Momentum in white writing David as a Jewish man had come to know and fear. A chill instantly went through him. He knew escaping into his home was impossible – the thugs would stop him before he took a single step.

David eventually found the words to ask the two scary looking men what they wanted, his voice faltering. “We’ve got a message from Jeremy”, one of them snarled as a response in a tone that was full of disgust. He took in a deep snort and gobbed on David’s face.

Raising a shaking arm to wipe away the spit, the man growled at him to leave it. David’s eyes then fixed on the terrifying sight that was the thick black Swastika tattoo that was prominent on the man’s neck. It was the last thing he remembered seeing before the vicious, unprovoked attack on him began.

He would be left with a fractured skull, a broken nose, a broken jaw and several broken ribs. It was the night of Jeremy Corbyn’s reelection as Labour leader and across the country, Jews and moderates within Labour felt the full force of his wrath as jubilant Corbyn cultists and Momentum thugs took their revenge. Up and down the UK, Labour constituency offices, synagogues and Jewish owned businesses would be targeted in a series of arson attacks and other acts of vandalism. Anyone suspected of being Jewish or an opponent of Corbyn within Labour were beaten within an inch of their lives.

But this was nothing new. Ever since Corbyn became Labour leader in September 2015 British Jews have lived in fear of their lives, many now afraid to leave their homes. Some have chosen to emigrate to Israel to seek sanctuary. Israeli authorities have reported a spike in immigration from Britain in the last year, with Corbyn mentioned as a direct factor. Momentum are known to operate “patrols” of Jewish areas, regularly intimidating residents and performing Nazi salutes while shouting “Free Palestine!” Earlier this year, Momentum activists held a small demonstration in the centre of Golders Green unfurling banners that read “This is London, not Tel Aviv”.

Critics and opponents of Corbyn like Chuka Umunna, Jamie Reed, Wes Streeting and Ian Austin turning up in the Commons with black eyes, split lips and hobbling on crutches was a familiar feature of Corbyn’s tenure as leader. Death threats, rape threats, vulgar abuse, racism, sexism and all manner of threats are part and parcel of the Momentum playbook to shout down any and all opposition.

In a short space of time, the British political landscape has been unthinkably transformed beyond recognition where all of this has become the norm and with Corbyn’s reelection as Labour leader it will only get worse. A recent exposé of Momentum by Channel 4’s Dispatches team revealed a deeply disturbing organisation that was cult-like and thuggish from top to bottom, where new members are handed Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to read “to understand how the world really works” as one high ranking Momentum official was secretly filmed saying. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of all was the bomb shaped deity named “Moloch” that Momentum seeks approval and direction from through the sacrifice of live animals and strange incantations. To think these sort of people now run one of Europe’s largest parties and the official opposition in Britain is truly remarkable.

This is where Cultural Marxism, political correctness and the Islamic takeover of the UK leads. A major political party controlled by a bizarre cult that worships a bomb deity and led by a crazed bearded fascist, while our capital city now has a Muslim mayor slowly and inextricably enacting Sharia Law. If Trump isn’t elected in November then I truly fear for the worse. The UK’s transformation into a Far Left Islamic State ruled by pro EU Common Purpose elites will be irreversible. The SJWs will be unstoppable and the destruction of society will be complete, aided and abetted by the So-Called BBC.

Momentum is but the fetid tip of a larger rotten iceberg, the canary in the coal mine that speaks to something far worse. While delusional in their beliefs and undoubtedly far removed from the political norm, if they had their way I would undoubtedly now be in a gulag. And so would you reading this. Or worse. These people are truly dangerous who seek the abolition of British democracy itself and the installation of Jeremy Corbyn as Caliph of a socialist utopia Islamic state, where gays are thrown from roofs and women are dressed head to toe in burkas.
We cannot let them win.

Rorschach AKA Mr Cloud ©