The sin of sins

Gmbd, Going Postal

this continues from my first submission that the management kindly posted.
I said how incredibly lucky I was to have been born in a society open to ideas.
In fact my Geography teacher, who we all thought to be a bit of a dick, actually said “You don’t know how lucky you are to have been born English”
I would agree with his sentiment.
Now previously I explained that I had a misfortune with my ex wife which caused me to question all and everything and I did come to the conclusion that PRIDE is a harmful thing for a mentality.
I examined it and examined it and I can say that PRIDE will do you harm.
Why do I say that, OK it is because you cannot control everything.
It seems like it when you are young but it is not so, if you go with the flow then eventually you will hit a rock. There is nothing you can do about this, it is there, you are moving in currents you do not fully comprehend.

So this is my disagreement with the Islamics and my understanding of them.
They are like I was but more fucked up, they have TOO MUCH PRIDE.
I used to have PRIDE and it was earnt by hard work, these Islamics seem to have PRIDE just because they are CUNTS.
An Islamic guy butchers his sister because she kissed some tourist, why, because of the worm in his mind called PRIDE.
PRIDE is really a sin, is it in the 10 commandments ? if not it should be.
I had difficulty abandoning PRIDE because it can lead to creativity in the correct brain but in the Islamic brain it is just an aberration.
Anyway that is my explanation as to why the Islamics are 1000 years behind everybody else. It is because they think too much of themselves.
They should realize God does not give a shit about them as do we.

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