The Path and survival of the Young Migrant Male to England

Eraser of Love, Going Postal

‘Further Renaissance Men and Vessels of high Dojo academia and intelligentsia, disembark to continue their Ulysses Odyssey of the Kentish Hinterlands..’ Here , David Attenborough records their migration and mating Patterns to the UK islands… “..Upon the Young male migrants arrival to this fertile Island , his simian brutish desires and underdeveloped homo sapien pineal gland compels him to shit on our green belt and ravage our crops to mark his territory.

His Burning sexual thirst rages after his long journey To this undiscovered Country , and other than quenching his lust by Blurting his load into his fellow unaided child travellers in the back of his Eddie Stopbart Carriage, He must sate his sexual desires and impregnate his toxic missing link seed into the fertile womb of an indigenous Female to this island with her own state funded dwelling .

The force of Nature has driven the young migrant male all his life. As a Young Boy he cultivated much needed crops in the khat fields which were essential for his starving family , eschewing the growing of wheat and maize, as their cultural needs to get off their collective tits was their birthright. It was up to others to provide Food for his starving baby brothers and sisters.

The Canny young Migrant Male Knows That Dominic West , Jude Law, Ralph Fines and Tom Hiddleston are only to willing to plague the TV Screens of the Great British public every morning on the SKY news channel to beg for food , clothing and money from our destitute Old age pensioners.

The Young Migrant Male dreamed of a life as a king in his own council highrise Sobibor with a grotesque stock in trade Minotaur , covered in hard layers of fat as his Queen. He Bravely leaves his Family to starve having sold off the khat and paid his £2000 rite of passage to Smugglers.

Now he is here.

Although she cannot see the Young Migrant Male , Nature kicks in and a dormant sixth sense awakens within the single eggs, nappy and Silk Cut purchasing lone Mother of 6 , and stirs her from her alcohol and opiate slumber in her Dunelm nest at the unnatural early hour of 2.45pm. The Business opportunity of Augmented fiscal benefits from the DWP with a Pashtun born Bon viveur has Stimulated and excited the Female.

The female squats and secretes a globulos toxic and powerful substance upon the ice rink lino. The Scent of Ivy , yeast infection and boiled foaming ham from the salty pot, omits from her ulcerated raw, angry red vag and thus Travels across the hop fields on the kentish winds , to lead the heavily ball sacked young Migrant Romeo to her nest of screaming emaciated abused brats , all of them hooked on jacking up baths salts and Mcains Hash Browns from Icelands. A Brood most foul, and one Which he will happily add to.

A Migrant Love story. Ali Mcgraw And Ryan Oneal Dining on findus crispy pancakes and Ketamine.

After some time of laying his foundations into the State funded dwelling and impregnating the female and sexually abusing her Offspring , The young Migrant male notes that His deaths head Concubine is now out of season. He must seek his pleasures elsewhere in the surrounding hinterlands and Conurbation. Where his Rodent instinct to thrive, survive and multiply will lead him to mate with several other skagged to-the-eye ball Females before Pimping them out and using their offspring as mules to transport and sell heavily cut drugs mixed with nutrasweet and crushed codeine.

Vicious hand to hand combat involving jiff bottles of ammonia, Leighton Rees brass darts and chinese throwing stars with other migrant Males is commonplace to mark their piece of mongrel shitted turf .

A Snapshot of 2016 . A modern day ‘Remains of the day’, on Evo stick and DWP Crisis Loans. The cycle of life in the U.K continues .”

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