The evolution of Man And Post Brexit

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
The Iron Duke of North Chingford
date: Fri , Aug 12, 2016
Re The evolution of Man And Post Brexit.

Dear Sir,

It is with passing Interest that I note your deeply patronising articles and petri Dish Sneering at Us Brexit voters, and indeed at the ultimate and final result of the Referendum. These Articles, Interviews and comments are peppered freely throughout your paper on a daily basis and over the course of many weeks.

The Witchfinder General Style Post Brexit Enquiry  this Publication  Has undertaken, makes the  Howard Hunt Watergate and Chappaquiddick investigations look as remedial and base as Shami Chakirbati’s anti semite review.

Your redoubtability on this subject even surpasses your cultish obsession with Cara Delevingne , Doreen Lawrence, FGM and teenage girls in Hijabs being photographed in Mid air celebrating their A level Results.

However, since Mankind has had the time to evolve and harness the powers of Telekinesis during your eternal and exhaustive Inquisition into what went wrong in the Referendum. knew i was going to say that.

© Glenn 2016
North Chingford