The Continued Failure of Tory Policy on Immigration must be arrested

Glenn, Going Postal

date:    Tues , Feb 20, 2016

Re : Mr Keith Vaz Article :  ‘ The Continued Failure of Tory Policy on Immigration must be arrested’

Dear sir,

It  warmed  my Cockney cockles  yesterday to read  Mr Vaz in print , undertaking the rack and pinion role of harnessing immigration into more sustainable numbers into this country. A Country that he has served with such selfless distinction, humility, dignity and Moreover, to much personal cost.

Be in no doubt Evening standard,  it  sates my vexation and Indeed  the Indigenous peoples of my native East End,  to read  of Mr Vaz’s emotive  fanfare for the common man.
As an East Ender whose family ley lines flow  back over  two hundred traceable years to the area, its much salve to the soul to be enlightened By Mr Vaz’s Article,  and thus  it transpires that the white working Class tribe have not  been subjected to a grubby schlieffen plan , set in motion by hateful Labour political commissars,  when they are not flicking  through their P.I.E  Red contact book during their lunch break in the Council mess canteen.

Furthermore, I take much comfort  to read  of Mr Vaz Arguing for Immigration control.  A man  who sat back and lit up a cigar and watched This Grand old Dame, England,  flung on to a semen sediment soaked mattress  to be be pimped out for all she was worth  to millions of foreign skulls , only too pleased to satisfy their  3rd world Maslow hierarchy Of needs for sloppy seconds in  a Joy Bang Gang Bang,  during the Labour bareback years  of 1997-2010.

In keeping with Mr Vaz’s Missive, Im looking forward to an article by Eddie Whicker in tomorrows edition of the Evening Standard,  setting out the case  for all UDA former members to engage  in  Homo-erotic upholstery with former IRA members, A simple , loving act of licking Sunpat crunchy peanut butter off the back of anothers guys knees,  in the name of unity.

Yours Faithfully,


Sector 7a.
Formally North Chingford.

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