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Going Postal

After much consideration and research, this Kipper has come to a decision as to whom he will be voting for in the UKIP leadership election.

It wasn’t easy either. I attended a hustings for the leadership candidates. I have to say I was wholly unimpressed with the format of it all. The candidates were given 5 minutes for an introductory statement. Then there was a break and the audience could submit questions. Then of the questions submitted, at random, each candidate chose 2. The candidates were then given 2 minutes to answer these questions and the others were given 30 seconds to elaborate upon or challenge the answer the candidate answering the question gave.

Yeah, complicated as fuck right. And totally unnecessarily too. It’s not like the questions had to be vetted to filter out any stupid ones from leftoids. This was a UKIP event, I had to register and show my membership card upon arrival. I wasn’t even allowed to take Mrs K.

So why not allow the members to ask questions from the floor? The venue had wireless microphones. And if that fails then folk can shout, the format used was totally unnecessary. It prevented the candidates from debating and the audience seeing who would be best in an open debate. who can hold their own. Who is able to keep their cool in that situation. But most importantly it prevented us from really getting to know the opinions of the candidates, when people are talking in an unscripted situation is when you really get to know their opinions. However I was, at least at the hustings, unable to experience the candidates in an unscripted environment.

This is why over the last few evening I’ve been trawling the web for videos and interviews of all the candidates. And, I would say, I have come to my decision because of my own personal research. I personally found the hustings very usefulness. Also as a relatively long standing UKIP member. I have gotten to know rather a few of the party’s current big wigs, some quite closely. I shant name drop, but talking to them about the nefarious motives of some candidates has definitely influenced my decision.

As of writing this the candidates and their deputies are:

Johnathan Arnott – Louise Bours

Phillip Broughton – Not yet declared

Lisa Duffy – Patrick O’Flynn

Bill Etheridge – Mike Hookem

Diane James – Not yet declared

Elizabeth Jones – Lawrence Webb

I have to say there are 3 candidates who I would have no problem with being leader. 3 people who I think will do an excellent job of leading UKIP. I also need to say that at the hustings (The candidates that showed up) were very clear and correct on Islam. A question was asked about Muslims in the UK and all candidates were very clear, one law for all in Britain. I also have to give a special mention to Lisa Duffy on this matter because she has the nadz to stand up and defend young Muslim girls and the rights of people to leave Islam and how as a society those are the people we should be protecting. On Islam Lisa Duffy is the most forthright, and correct.

Now I’m not going to mess about. I joined UKIP in 2012 as a freshly enlightened 16 year old. I did join as a statement of protest. Because even as a dumb ass, follow the crowd leftoid. I was still absolutely opposed to even the concept of the European Union. I joined UKIP for one reason. As I grew up, worked and learned basic facts of life. I soon realized that many of the opinions I came to hold were shared by the party I joined in protest. Simply put, I would say I am a Libertarian. I am most certainly on the Right of politics. I believe in secularization of the state. I believe the state should be as small as possible and, probably most controversially, I believe in a blanket decriminalization of drugs. All ideals emblazoned by UKIP. And I think it is absolutely essential that we as a party stick to our guns and push forward. Forward to success, for UKIP, but most importantly for the British people. Whether we like it or not we are known as the ‘Anti-EU’ party. We do have a fully costed, and I believe excellent, manifesto. We now need to spread the rest of our message, because it is a good message. And it is this message that will lead us to electoral success in 2020, If not earlier.

Now I have waffled for a bit, so I shall cut to the chase. The person I believe is best for the Job of leading UKIP forward to electoral success for this great nation of ours is Phillip Broughton.

Going Postal

No one will be able to replace Nigel. He was a once in a generation character. But I believe Phillip Broughton is the man best suited to undertake the task of succeeding our Nige. He will be the fresh, new, enthusiastic face that UKIP needs. someone to take us forward. Without dismissing all the hard work of the people who got us to where we are now. But at the same time presenting us to the electorate as the true party of ALL British people. And one that can win. A party for both working and middle classes. A party for the shoe shiner and the sails man, for the fisherman and the financier, for the bricky and the butcher, for the Driver and the docker, for the cleaner and the CEO.

UKIP now has a real opportunity. We are frequently and publicly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I believe Phillip Broughton Is the man to take us forward.

If I had known that the NEC reduced the 5 year membership limit to 2 and a half years, well, I’d have probably stood myself. My friends keep telling me I should stand to be an MP, but I can’t be having that shit in my life. Give it a few years and maybe #Kipper4Leader will start trending. Alas It was not meant to be.

Phillip for leader.

Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias): It doesn’t take a genius to see the world has problems.

Edward Blake (The Comedian): No, but it takes a room full of morons to think they’re small enough for you to handle.”

– Watchmen

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