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I believe, wholeheartedly, that the United Kingdom should have an independent Nuclear Deterrent. I am also an advocate of the Untied Kingdom having a codified (Written) constitution. And the first clause of that constitution should be that the British people are entitled to have their nation defended by Independent Nuclear Weapons capable of glassing our enemies (However the conversation over a written British constitution is one for another day). Our national defense should not be something that feckless politicians are fee to vote upon. It is a matter of national defense. And therefore, I believe, should be a matter for the PM and military. Not one for dumb ass politicians.

I speak, of course, as someone who was born after the fall of the Soviet Union. I did not live through the Cold War, Cuban missile crisis and J.F.K reportedly being seconds away from authorizing a nuclear strike. However I have been alive to see what happened to last nation that decided to do rid with its independent nuclear program. You may have heard of it, they had a chunk of their nation annexed by Russia. There’s now in a massive civil war there. All kinds of shit is kicking off there. If you hadn’t guessed the country is Ukraine. I doubt Putin would have invaded a nation which had the capability to glass Moscow.

By far the best thing that Teresa May has ever done, is say that she would press the button. Any PM and is not prepared to do what is absolutely necessary to defend the nation they they lead, then they are in no way fit to be PM. Our leaders are weak enough as it is. If they aren’t prepared to defend our nation what message does that send to our enemies? ‘Come here and attack us’, ‘We wont resist’. Whilst May’s comments were good. A truly strong leader would have said. “If it saves the life of one Brit I WOULD GLASS 100,000 FOREIGNERS”.

“The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.”
Donald Trump addressing the RNC 2016

On the cost of Trident. The CND wankers have been throwing around the £30 Billion figure and then recently have been saying £100 Billion. Which are highly inaccurate figures. The MoD estimate is that renewal will cost, well, I can’t tell you. I’ve spent easily over 2 and a half hours attempting to find some reputable figures on the matter. I cannot find any government documents. There are conflicting figures from Tory cabinet ministers and military officials. So I’m going with the lowest and highest figures I’ve seen from government and military spokesmen. £17.5bn to £42bn is the most accurate Info I can get. Now this cost is spread over 17 years. So annually Trident will cost the British taxpayer between £1,029,411,765 – £2,470,588,235. So less than our annual foreign aid budget. Less than than 2 months our contributions to the EU that WE ARE STILL PAYING! SORT IT OUT LADS! So those who argue that the cost is too high are arguing for a losing side. The cost is negligible. And for what we get I say the cost is nothing.

Kipper, Going Postal

Now. In my social circle I have yet to get an answer to this question. If we were to disarm ourselves of our nuclear weapons, why on earth would North Korea, China, Iran or Russia in any way give a fuck? The answer is they wouldn’t. Unilateral disarmament is an idealistic fantasy. It will never happen. Because some countries have strong leaders and some countries are lead by nutters. Who will not shed themselves of their defenses. Our disarmament ‘gesture’ would be a gesture to show the world how feckless and weak we are as a nation.

But for me the key aspect of Trident is that it is independent. It is the UK’s and is under the control on no one other than the British. ‘But even if we scrap Trident we’ll still be under the UN’s nuclear program. I will debunk this point with this question. Do you have faith in the United Nations to DO WHAT IS RIGHT?

The whole point of owning nuclear weapons is so you don’t have to use them. We have our independent program to protect our own interest. If the UN fail us we can protect ourselves. If the rest of the world falls, we can protect ourselves. The CND lot call our nuclear deterrent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, but as the Trident weapons haven’t killed anyone or destroyed anything I think a more accurate description of our nuclear deterrent would be ‘Devices of Mass Protection’. Because that is what they are and that is all they do. They protect us. They keep us safe. They are the only thing between us and an attack on London.

Kipper, Going Postal

The UK has 18 independent nuclear missiles. That is nine times the number of nuclear weapons that have ever been used in war. Harry S. Truman is the only man in history to have authorized the use of nuclear weapons in war. On the 6th of August 1945 Colonel Paul W. Tibbets dropped ‘Little Boy’ out of the Enola Gay onto the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Killing 70,000 human beings and injuring 70,000 more, in total 140,000 people died as a result of the Hiroshima bombing. On the 9th August 1945 Major Charles W. Sweeney dropped ‘Fat Man’ out of Bockscar 3km from the center of the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Killing 80,000 people. All being told just under a quarter of a million people died as a result of the nuclear attacks. Harry S. Truman made the decision to drop Little Boy and Fat Man on Japan in order to save the lives of Americans. In my mind he made the correct decision. His action saved, arguably millions, of both American And Japanese lives.

Kipper, Going Postal

Every time I discuss Nuclear weapons I think of Dr Manhattan from Watchmen (Anyone who has read the book will know exactly why). A book which I must say was the principle reason I ceased being a socialist, and has profoundly impacted the way I view the world. I recommend it to everyone. Watchmen should be on the national curriculum. Now I come from a CofE household and Mrs K is a Catholic, I am surrounded by believers, yet I myself do not believe in a God. While I do not reject the concept of a higher power, if there is ‘God’ I would imagine he would be much like Dr Manhattan. A being that created and did not interfere. A being that had no interest in the actions of it’s creations. For as Dr Manhattan said:

“Yes, I understand, without condoning or condemning. Human affairs cannot be my concern. I’m leaving this galaxy for one less complicated… “In the end?”, Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ends ever.”

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